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Even Vast - Warped Existence

Even Vast
Warped Existence
by Justin "Witty City' Wittenmeier at 18 March 2019, 3:56 AM

EVEN VAST is a Doom band from Italy but now located in the United Kingdom.  They formed in 1998 and “Warped Existence,” is their fourth full length album.   I haven’t heard the band’s previous releases but from my understanding they had some Gothic influences.  This time around their sound is presented more as Traditional Doom with some Sludge elements while still retaining some slight Gothic moments.  The most surprising thing about the band’s sound is the use of a saxophone.  I haven’t run across any Doom bands before they incorporate this instrument but EVEN VAST do it will—Alessandro definitely incorporates himself well with the Doom.  His performance to the ending of “Immaginary Friend” is a strong case for the sax to be considered a weapon of Metal.

The title track, “Warped Existence,” is the album’s opener—a fat riff and bass rip open the space with scattered drums backing it all up.  It is a nice little intro that sets the next song up, “I Know,” well. This song is riddled with fuzz and sludge.  Strong, groovy riffs work around the bass that serves as the song’s backbone.  We are introduced to Chris Taylor’s vocals, which fit right at home with the music.  His voice is clean with some classic rock and Traditional Doom leanings.  His style is well done and he provides a lot of fervor to the songs.

Somebody” is basically the audio equivalent of a black hole: extremely dense body that pulls in everything around it.  With a good pair of headphones and a high volume source, this song could probably make your head implode.  The last forty seconds or so of this track is why this style of Doom Metal is so damn good—nonstop riffs that make you want to punch through a brick wall. As he does on the entire album, Kilpatrick’s bass alone is some sort of unstoppable monster.

Same Old Story,” is another barn burner, this time the spark is ignited by Roe’s drums.  The chorus is catchy with an impassioned vocal performance.  Martelllo seems to only play kick ass riffs but the ones presented here are particularly grand—a performance that includes crunch, groove, and a guitar tone straight from Hell itself. “Upon Deaf Ears,” is a rather dynamic journey.  The guitars have some melodic tinges that play off the bass and the saxophone is an integral part of the song.  It mixes so well with everything going on that I’m surprised more Doom bands don’t try to incorporate unconventional instruments.

The final track, “Be There,” is a more ethereal track compared to the rest.  The bass provides a driving force that is both melodic and intense.  Clean guitars back up the soulful sax and both pair great with Taylor’s smooth vocal delivery.  This one reminded me of a more in depth “Planet Caravan,” from the mighty SABBATH. I found EVEN VAST’s “Warped Existence,” to be a listening experience will worth the time for fellow Doom Metal fans who are looking for something unique that also sticks to the roots that make the genre so great to begin with.

Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Warped Existence
2. I Know
3. Imaginary Friend
4. I Wish
5. Somebody
6. How Long
7. Same Old Story
8. Inside Your Head
9. Upon Deaf Ears
10. Be There
Luca Martello – Guitars
Chris Taylor – Lead Vocals
Nicholas Mark Roe – Drums
Steve Kilpatrick – Bass
Alessandro D Arcangeli – Sax/chorus
Record Label: The Goatmancer Records


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