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Event Horizon – Event Horizon Award winner

Event Horizon
Event Horizon
by Joseph Brewer at 22 September 2020, 11:47 PM

Event Horizon” is the self-titled debut EP from mastermind Tony Scelzi out of Pescara, Italy. Per the bio for the band, “created by Tony Scelzi as a need to express a musical thought without any compromise regarding genre, context, image and so on: music for music's sake, forged by personal and spontaneous inspiration and vision of music.” After spending some time with the 5 track EP, I couldn’t agree more. The spirit of the album is diverse and beautiful. Each song is different from the one that precedes it, but they are all excellent and executed perfectly.

The first two tracks are actually similar in style and are very reminiscent of DREAM THEATER. “Intro: Gravitational Waves Rising” and “The Abyss” are both completely instrumental. “Intro: Gravitational Waves Rising” is short and sweet. A quick acoustic guitar intro leads into huge electric chords. Layer upon layer, the sound builds until one more guitar enters the song and wastes no time with an ever moving melody. Then, it reaches its peak with gorgeous and stripped-bare guitar harmonies for the remainder of the track. “The Abyss” is a longer and more intricate song. Technique and precision are at the forefront, mainly with the guitar, but there is a large synth keyboard presence. One such moment is a DREAM THEATER-esque back and forth between Scelzi on guitar and Daniele D’Elicion on the keys. The synth effect is at maximum with plenty of exotic distortions to play against the equally distorted guitars. Emanuele Zazzara on bass keeps the rhythm moving in the background, along with Matt Serafini on drums. “Burning For Ambition” features drummer Matt Serafini on vocals. His sweet and dynamic voice fits the track well as it leans into the 80’s ballad style of music. Overall, this song comes off as very light and dreamy, a nice contrast to the technical-focused opening tracks.

Elderly Lovers’ Secret” is a journey. It starts off with a simple acoustic melody, which is then joined by electric guitar for an interesting contrast. Both start off reserved, dancing delicately around each other, before Scelzi takes the restraint off of his electric guitar and glides through arpeggiated chromatic scales. The effect is hypnotic. Right when you think you have the song figured out, Scelzi throws in the heavy strumming of Spanish flamenco guitar. As the title suggests, this one choice imbues the song with an element of romance. The final song on “Event Horizon” is called “Brave New World”, a dynamic track that takes you through a rollercoaster of styles. Sometimes subdued, sometimes powerful and racing, EVENT HORIZON seems to change up the mood every 30 seconds or so. But hey, that’s what was promised from the band. Music without restrictions.

Overall, this EP was very engaging, with equal amounts of beauty and complexity. It was mostly instrumental, but had a personality that did not leave me yearning for a dedicated vocalist. Scelzi and the members of his band are extremely talented, having the opportunity to show off advanced techniques, in addition to moments that require more nuance. Each song shows off a different aspect that the band is interested in, and I would be completely open to returning to EVENT HORIZON when they are ready with a full length release.

Favorite Songs: “The Abyss”, “Brave New World

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Intro: Gravitational Waves Rising
2. The Abyss
3. Burning For Ambition
4. Elderly Lovers’ Secret
5. Brave New World
Tony Scelzi – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Daniele D’Elicio – Keys, Backing Vocals
Emanuele Pollicino Zazzara – Bass
Matt Serafini – Drums, Lead/Backing Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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