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Event Relentless - Circle

Event Relentless
by JoJo Hamilton at 19 December 2019, 4:34 AM

EVENT RELENTLESS are a Metal band from Finland. The band were founded in 2013 and have released 3 EPs, and now we have their debut album “Circle”. The band began Balkan country tours in March 2019, while they have released “Circle”. As yet they have been no other tour dates announced. A thrashy band with a thrashy sound. The debut album is long awaited for fans of the heavy band. The band have brought the new debut studio album after releasing a few EPs and it’s an album that does not disappoint. If you’re a fans of thrash/light thrash then it comes as a highly recommended album. The album is produced by Wormholedeath Records. The album which was released on November 8th 2019 is available to stream & buy on CD. “Circle” is a 7 track album and has a harsh heavy feel musically with thrash sounding vocals.

The album notes some excellent tunes to listen out for featuring a few from the album including “Stay Away” which is the opening track ans sets the pace for the rest of the album. There is a sweet instrumental section around the half-way mark which gives us some sweet guitar riffs and drum accompaniment. Showing off his growl on vocals, Juho sings his way into track 2 “Pleasure & Pain” The man knows how to scream! “Razor Queen” is a good track to get into as well, a ruff rider song with a heavy rhythm and a catchy beat, it comes in at 5 minutes 2 seconds long. The song “Scream” is aptly titled, and after the musical opening the vocals kick in doing just that – screaming! If you’re a head banger who likes the thrash this is a recommended song to swing your hair to. The title track, Circle”, which is the last track on the album is worth listening out for too. It closes the album just the way it was opened, hard, fast and heavy! It’s a track which comes in at 5 minutes 25 seconds of pure power thrash. A well coveted album for fans of EVENT RELENTLESS.

For fans of the band this album brings a long -awaited set of songs which have been well produced and well performed too. A top- quality album which is long overdue. The band have done some great work here to follow up the previous releases of Eps. We hope to see some tour dates announced in the future but as yet we don’t have any announced dates. In the meantime, if you’re a fan of EVENT RELENTLESS or thrash in general, its a good album to get stuck into. For those who are unfamiliar with the band, it’s an album worth exploring. We look forward to the next installment from the band whether it comes as another EP or a new album. The album is well written, well performed and well produced. There are no downsides to the album. I am not a big thrash fan, however I did enjoy the album, both musically and vocally and will give it another listen in the future.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Stay Away
2. Pleasure & Pain
3. Falling
4. Razor Queen
5. Worthless
6. Scream
7. Circle
Juho Raita - Guitar & Vocals
Lari Kela - Guitar
Henri Soisalo - Bass
Joonas Ikonen - Drums
Record Label: WormHoledeath Records


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