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Everlust – The Tale Of The Noble Knight

The Tale Of The Noble Knight
by Thomas Kumke at 22 June 2022, 5:43 PM

EVERLUST were formed by Vlad Pucens, with the first attempts to start his project going back to 2006. Eventually, the Gothic and Modern Metal band was set up in 2013. After an early demo in 2007, they released two full-length albums. “The Tale Of The Noble Knight” is their first EP and it has a length of about 21 minutes. The EP was released via Italian label WormHoleDeath which has a number of Death, Thrash, and Gothic Metal bands among their roster.

It took a long while for EVERLUST being established as a band. Even after their final formation in 2013, the band needed some time to release their debut album in 2017. Frequent line-up changes did not help in their quest for stability and consistency. When vocalist Kate Brown joined the band in 2018, things started to improve, the band was able to sign for WormHoleDeath in 2020, and to release their second album “Diary Of Existence” in 2021.

EVERLUST followed-up quickly on “Diary Of Existence” with the new EP. “The Tale Of The Noble Knight” is a concept EP and it is about a knight, who is ready to retire from being on the battle field for all his life. The title song tells the tale from a friend’s perspective. “The Tale Of The Noble Knight” starts with a short piano part that introduces the leading melody, which is taken over by the guitars. The song is driven by the switches between powerful guitar riffing and the vocal parts, which are accompanied by acoustic guitars and strings. “The Tale Of The Noble Knight” is a mid-tempo track at a measured tempo, with a steady rhythm and a clear melodic concept. The dominating instruments besides the vocals are the guitars. The vocals are versatile, ranging from a more Rock oriented voice to a more angelic type of vocals. “The Tale Of The Noble Knight” was released as lyrical video and the YouTube link is given below.

Execution” is a heavier track and it has plenty of 90s Gothic vibes and the typical song textures for this period. It reminds me a bit on the PARADISE LOST sound from the “Draconian Times” era. Starting with a piano intro, the bass lines, and then the guitars join in with catchy Gothic inspired melodies. “Execution” has an uncharacteristic and abrupt break halfway through the track which is dominated by the lead guitars and melancholic melodies and a very contributing lead guitar solo leads the track towards the end. “Nostalgie” continues with the Gothic sound. The piano leads the track together with the bass, and occasionally, powerful guitar riffing joins in. There is also a notable symphonic arrangement, which contributes to the track very well. The second half of “Nostalgie” is driven by the lead guitars and they are the highlight of the track.

Ego” is an acoustic ballad with the vocals performed by Vlad Pucens. It is more a Rock ballad, but with strings added to the acoustic guitars. The EP closes with the cover of the ACE OF BASE song “Happy Nation”. While the original is a Pop classic from 1993, EVERLUST do an excellent job to “translate” the track into a Gothic Rock cover, by preserving the structure and melodies of the original and put an authentic EVERLUST sound on top of it. A really great cover and a good way to end the EP.

EVERLUST deliver a good EP. “The Tale Of The Noble Knight” is an interesting mix of Gothic Rock and modern Metal with symphonic elements. The songs are easy-to-listen-to, have catchiness in the riffing, melancholic melodies, and plenty of classical Gothic vibes. Highlight are the lead guitars and a vocalist, who keeps the songs well together. The EP is well produced. Fans of Gothic Rock/Metal and melancholic Rock will dig the “The Tale Of The Noble Knight” and they will look forward to the next full-length release of EVERLUST.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Tale Of The Noble Knight
2. Execution
3. Nostalgie
4. Ego
5. Happy Nation (ACE OF BASE cover)
Kate Brown – Vocals
Vlad Pucens – Guitars, Vocals
Max Reksna ­ Guitars
Alex Shangin – Drums
Pavel Savin – Bass
Record Label: WormHoleDeath


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