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Eversin- Divina Distopia

Divina Distopia
by Mike Novak at 14 March 2010, 1:03 PM

The press release (featuring laughably bad English) that was sent to me with EVERSIN’s debut album described them as sounding like MEGADETH, ICED EARTH, NEVERMORE, SYMPHONY X, and ANNHILITOR. Needless to say, I was pretty stoked to hear what this band had to offer. EVERSIN was originally known as FUOCO FATUO. They released two demos and a full-length before changing their name to EVERSIN.

Let me start off by saying that EVERSIN sounds very little like those bands mentioned earlier. I should have known not to trust a press release that spelled the word “strength” wrong twice! One would think that at least if the writer’s English was that bad they would use an online translator rather than sending out such an unprofessional promo sheet. The closest thing I can think of when listening to EVERSIN is John Arch-era FATES WARNING, although this doesn’t come close to the quality of those three albums. I merely use it as a comparison because of the strange song-structures and vocals that sometimes sound like they’re singing an entirely different song.

Every once in a while a decent section of a song will pop up, but it would be surrounded by several minutes of seeming filler material. The guitars will be playing simple riffs, the singer will be singing what sounds like an entirely different song, then something decent will come up, then it will be back to what it was before. It’s almost like they had these good ideas and quickly wrote a bunch of random music to pad those good ideas into the length of a full song. The only song that I enjoyed the entire way through was “Suddenly.” The vocalist often sounds strained, like he is singing out of his range, and there is nary a vocal hook or catchy chorus to be found.

Despite the promise of band that combined the sounds of classic artists, this album is a dud. There are plenty of other bands releasing albums around this time that are far better than this.

2 Star Rating

  1. X.E.N.O.S.
  2. Wings Ov Tears
  3. In The Shadow Of The Rose
  4. Divina Distopia
  5. Angel Of Silence
  6. Suddenly
  7. In My Dream They Live
Angelo Ferrante - Vocals
Ignazio Nicastro - Bass
Giangabriele Lo Pilato - Guitar

Session musicians:
Sergio Calì - Drums
Mimmo Petrella – Keyboards
Record Label: My Kingdom Music


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