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Eversin - Trinity: The Annihilation

Trinity: The Annihilation
by Aaron "Five Magics" Price at 26 July 2015, 9:56 PM

When Thrash and Power meet you get a level of speed and strength match by very few. EVERSIN are a band that brings a high level of riffs to the table to march an army to war with, and the speed needed to win each battle on your way. "Trinity: The Annihilation" is the new album from EVERSIN that we are talking about today to determine what kind of an impact this album can have on the future of Metal, or at least the future of metalheads.

This is a band that incorporates the heavy speed of Thrash, melodicness of Power and vocals of both.. Kind of. In some sense, EVENSIN sound like a new age SABATON, the riffs are pretty heavy, the vocals are pretty decent, although they sound more indistinguishable. When you imagine a Thrashy Speed Metal oriented band, what kind of vocals do you hear in your head? That's probably what vocalist Angelo Ferrante sounds like, he doesn't have to much of a hook to how he sounds.

To talk about a specific song I want to talk about the title track "Trinity" this is one of the heaviest songs in the album, unfortunately the actually heaviest part doesn't last to long. Lyrically the song sounds a bit repetitive, a ton of the lines are echoed and repeated and echoed again. The guitar is heavy, speedy and have some stellar riffs that make up the core of this song and could cause pits at any show, the bass is surprisingly audible but doesn't really offer to much outside of a bit of structure which is always nice. The drums are pretty consistent, better drummer than I'll ever hear, some wicked blast beats near the end and a "big band outro" as the game Rock Band likes to call it. The song and album closes out with a weird sample section that I supposed is meant to emulate an attack on a city, its a little hard to tell what is actually happening until an emergency broadcast noise scares the hell out of you.

To sum it is, this is a typical thrash release, if you're not overly picky, youll probably like the album. If you expect everything to stand up the "Master Of Puppets" then what the hell is wrong with you and how do you like more than 5 albums? Solid release from EVERSIN, worth checking out if you're a Thrash fan.

3 Star Rating

1. Flagellum Dei
2. Fire Walk With Me
3. Chaosborn
4. We Will Prevail
5. Crown Of Nails
6. Beneath The Atomic Sun
7. Litanies Of War
8. Trinity
Angelo Ferrante - Vocals
Giangabeiele Lo Pilato - Guitars
Ignazio Nicastro - Bass
Record Label: My Kingdom Music


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