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Evertale – The Great Brotherwar

The Great Brotherwar
by Erik Akos at 12 February 2018, 6:25 PM

EVERTALE are a Power Metal collective from Germany (based in Kehl am Rhein) who are signed to NoiseArt Records; having released 2 LPs via the label, ”Of Dragons and Elves” in 2013, and their latest one, ”The Great Brotherwar” in 2017 – which is the one that I’m going to review today (obviously).

I mentioned in one of my previous reviews that if a band utilizes their sub-genre’s formulas and – to a certain extent – clichés, well, I’d give them a 6/10; which basically means above average, but not quite good. Whoops, did I spoil the review? I’m HONESTLY sorry…but nah. So, that’s basically everything the record is. A good but not necessarily creative journey of not-so-Heavy Metal with operatic vocals, slightly Thrash-influenced guitars and drums, and some bass work that you won’t even hear because of the record’s production. The album has a lot of interludes between 5-7 minute tracks (besides the closing song, which is 4), and that’s its biggest flaw. I get what they were going for, and it sounds/looks good on paper as a conceptual idea, but it wasn’t executed well. To be honest, listening to the record, I found myself enjoying tracks like ”Oceans of Sand” and ”March of The Nord” WAY more than the longer, actually composed ones like the title track and ”The Swarm”. The record as a whole is also much too long for my liking.

So, that’s about it. Not-so-badly used formulas, but far too long. That’s the shortest summary I can give, and I think it fits perfectly. Fortunately for EVERTALE the former positive barely, but ultimately does outweigh the negative by a little.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 4
Memorability: 5
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

  1. Battle For Mankind
  2. Empire Rising
  3. The Swarm
  4. The Joining
  5. For The King And The Crown
  6. Oceans of Sand
  7. The Journey To Iskendria
  8. Chapter 666
  9. March of The Nord
  10. And The Dragons Return
  11. All Hail The Crimson King
  12. The Great Brotherwar
  13. Take To The Sky
Matthias Graf – Vocals, Guitars
Matthias Holdzapfel – Guitars
Marco Bächle – Bass
Cornelius Heck – Drums
Record Label: NoiseArt Records


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Edited 19 February 2019

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