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Evil Army - Violence And War Award winner

Evil Army
Violence And War
by V.Srikar at 01 November 2015, 11:33 AM

Tennessee and its neighboring cities have always been known for their Country musical history and heritage, and it is quite difficult to find good Metal bands emerging from this scene, let alone Old school Thrash Metal. So the 3 piece Thrash band EVIL ARMY released their 2nd EP “Violence And War” on August 15th, and this is quite a journey to go on.

With the full EP clocking just about 14 min and having just 5 songs, it’s easy on the go and the band packs a lot within the short time. Each song right from the 1st song “Army of Doom” is packed in lots of rawness - unadulterated Thrash, sound heavily influenced by 80's Bay Area Thrash and clearly reflected and resonated by the album cover art. The guitars are chaotic and fun on the ears, while the vocals are of mid-tempo and the lack of it in some parts of the songs can be felt, and also I just felt the vocals could have been a bit louder to sync in better with the rest of the sound. It’s hard to pick a stand out song here, which I think is the best part as each song packs in a lot of meat and brings something new to the table which is so commendable in a genre which is soon becoming stale and bands are finding it harder to keep their writing fresh and innovative. Having said that, I think “Deathbreath” made me visualize the band live as I was listening to the song on my headphones. I think you will realize this when you listen to this record, because of the aforementioned raw sound of this record which works greatly with the song structures which have been used in each song here. The record ends with 1:52 min short song, “Violence And War” in which I was expecting to be an instrumental due to its short nature but turned out to be another typical EVIL ARMY song.

It’s hard to believe that bands in Thrash genre are still blasting out raw 80's influenced sound, and managing to keep the listener interested. “Violence And War” is a great record considering its 2015, and all old school fans and particularly Thrash connoisseurs should check these guys out. Worth your time.

4 Star Rating

1. Army Of Doom
2. The Assault
3. My Rage Unleashed
4. Deathbreath
5. Violence And War
Rob Evil - Guitars, Vocals
Michael Murder - Drums
Tyrant - Bass
Record Label: Hells Headbangers Records


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