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Evil - Evil’s Message (Reissue)

Evil’s Message (Reissue)
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 02 June 2021, 6:26 AM

In the first half of the 80’s, before the Thrash Metal invasion (started in 1986 by METALLICA’s “Master of Puppets”), many Metal scenes arose in Europe as a consequence of the earthquake called the NWOBHM. Belgium, Holland, Italy, and Denmark are some countries where things were beginning to take shape. And MERCYFUL FATE’s success called attention for their native country’s scene bands. One of them is a cult band, EVIL, that is as old as MERCYFUL FATE, but that lived s short time. But here is “Evil’s Messenger”, their first EP, to the appreciation of many, and by the first time in a CD and limited colored vinyl.

This EP shows a mix of traditional Heavy Metal with Hard Rock influences and some aggressiveness that is a trademarked sound of MOTÖRHEAD. And of course that for many, today it can sound a bit ‘outdated’, but remember: the original release is from 1984, so this EP is really a finding, showing a band that had an energetic and good form of Metal that could be a commercial success if a major label gave them a hand (that’s not the case). Their songs are filled with melodies and aggressiveness in a perfect balance. Jac. Hustinx is the producer and the guy who did the mixing of the original tapes. But to improve things (without damaging the original outfit of the songs), the EP was remastered by the hands of Tue Madsen. So the songs were given a better shape after all these years, and will get new fans for sure. And there are rare photos and text in the inner sleeve, and a restored artwork from the original art.

“Evil’s Message” is an instrumental to open the EP, followed by “Evil”, that is filled with energy and a nasty set of melodies (something inherited from JUDAS PRIEST, especially in the guitar riffs), as “The Devil Wants Me” keeps the same elements and an aggressive energy (that could be saw as something from early Power Metal releases). “Son of the Bitch” has a slower paced set of tempos, something that is climatic and catchy (and what a good work showed by bass guitar and drums to guide the ‘sabbathian’ elements with ‘priestian’ energy). And “Take Good Care (of Your Balls)” has a more fast insight, something that could be showing how and from where Thrash Metal was born. Only the vocals aren’t fitting 100% on their music, but they’re good for a first time (remember: it’s originally an independent release from a band that had no support from a major label on those days).

All that’s left to say is that EVIL is back and active once more, and this new release of “Evil’s Message” is a chance, but not for the band, but for you, the fans.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Evil’s Message
2. Evil
3. The Devil Wants Me
4. Son of the Bitch
5. Take Good Care (of Your Balls)
Pearl Angel - Vocals
Kim Xmas - Guitars
Pete “Popcorn” Hurricane - Bass
Freddie Wolf - Drums
Record Label: Mighty Music


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