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Evil Invaders - Feed Me Violence Award winner

Evil Invaders
Feed Me Violence
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 04 October 2017, 11:54 AM

Sometime with the worldwide surge of bands eating away at the past legacies, especially the ones attempting to make those heritages their own, it is hard to follow who might be the next in line. Even if that is the case, when a bit of fresh air sails right through you, it would be hard not to notice. There is a pivotal certainty in the market, everyone wants to be the next in line, the next best thing, the top of the crop, but as always, only a few could survive the harsh tests.

Bound by the new wave of Thrash Metal or maybe entangled within the new wave of Traditional Heavy Metal, I found it difficult to miss the Belgian EVIL INVADERS. Frankly, I was waiting for them, though I have been looking forward for several new albums of other newcomer bands, yet, there is something about this foursome crew that made them standout in the depth of the raging sea they take part in. In 2015 I was fortunate to cover their debut “Pulses Of The Flesh”, an opening that turned a huge rift within the new generation of Thrash Metal bands, pursuing elements that became an immense key feature within the aggressive manners. Just a little than two and a half years after, while growing their fan base across Europe and the US, and still signed to Napalm Records, the band issued their fire breathing sophomore, “Feed Me Violence”.

The determination and motivation portrayed in the debut didn’t cease to exist in “Feed Me Violence”, actually it reached the next level. I came to witness a pack of folks in their 20s, playing material that is both traditional, cruising mostly between British and American influences of the bowl of soup of Heavy, Speed and Thrash Metal, with an electrifying instrumental ability of the contemporary kind. True that EVIL INVADERS aren’t the first band to integrate between the old and the new, but still, it is hard to argue with the displayed quality, as the crew demonstrated, and on this album as evidence, how they swiftly outshined bands that are slightly veteran than they are, and I might even put myself in harm's way contending that some of the classic acts shouldn’t feel discouraged taking a few pointers from these guys.

In my view, “Feed Me Violence” delivers an extreme punch in comparison to the debut. I gather that the change in personnel, to be exact half of the lineup, did something good in order to broaden up the thought patterns and continue forward with new energies. The crushing blows primarily derived from the perfection of melodies and the versatile songwriting. Ever since the debut, EVIL INVADERS have been proving themselves with the capability of how to create melodic ornaments and leads that would grab the listener by its toes. Hell I even had one of their harmonious inputs as my cellphone ringtone for a while. Heating up the engine, the intensification of the soloing and the high pitched licks also bore fruit, applying another dimension to the music, letting the listener reach out to the playing hands and feel their wrath. Furthermore, the songwriting of “Feed Me Violence” took its hold, elevating the band’s stature. It showed signs on the debut, yet the process continued right here, gradually stepping out of the formulations that made Metal huge in the 80s, treading in the mud of foreign grounds. I presume that this aspect will continue to flourish later on.

“As Life Slowly Fades” is an example of a freshened contemporary mixture of traditional Speed Metal with early 90s JUDAS PRIEST orientation while also delivering METALLICA mixed with SLAYER pounding on the back of Teutonic Thrash. Expect a full swing of harshness right at your face, cracking jaw after jaw. The captivating melodic lines and massive soloing efforts will sure to nail you by their influence. The instrumental “Shades Of Solitude” is a feast of pleasure for guitar heroes, without being shredding artists, it is not possible to ignore such a dramatic instrumental. “Oblivion” represents some of the band’s British Metal roots of RAVEN and MOTORHEAD, the mania within Johannes Van Audenhove’s vocals isn’t that far from the the old Gallagher 80s insanity. No doubt that this particular number is an excellent showcase of EVIL INVADERS’ tremendous songwriting prospect and musical venturing, between upbeat brutality and graceful melodic intuition. “Broken Dreams In Isolation” is a display the wits and merits to create compelling melodies. The band went off the to the darkened haze to form one of the best buildups I have heard in a while from a newcomer band, and the end result, a profound melodic Speed Metal deliverance. Also important to listen: “Among The Depths Of Sanity” and “Anger Within”.

When I am listening to EVIL INVADERS, I am listening to a mature band that has been perfecting itself constantly; the next level for these guys is in reach. “Feed Me Violence” is major step, and a stellar release. It is possible that their next album will become a totem within the genre. As for now, get ready to be fed.

Purchase Link: Napalm Records

4 Star Rating

1. Mental Penitentiary
2. As Life Slowly Fades
3. Suspended Reanimation
4. Broken Dreams In Isolation
5. Feed Me Violence
6. Oblivion
7. Shades Of Solitude
8. Anger Within
9. Among The Depths Of Sanity
Johannes Van Audenhove - Vocals / Lead-Rhythm Guitars
Max Maxheim - Lead Guitars
Senne Jacobs - Drums
Joeri van de Schoot - Bass
Record Label: Napalm Records


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