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Evil King - The Dark Age Award winner

Evil King
The Dark Age
by Quinten Serna at 28 September 2021, 2:23 PM

Bearing their debut in unbridled and theatrical relief, EVIL KING, excels in grandiose storytelling, multi-tiered compositions, and crafting an atmosphere of suspense and triumph. The amalgamation that is the group is best described as a multinational coalition brought together with regards to their likeminded disciplines characteristic of pounding drums, intense riffs, and powerful vocals.

The album opens itself up with the introductory piece, “Intro (El Templario)” or The Templar; the instrument tacit piece opens with the sounds of a city and a beggar destitute on the street taunting the listener into listening to his tale—the piece shifts in tone sharply as the sounds of cluttered streets and traffic find themselves ousted at the clashing of steel, baying of horses, and the clamor of warriors. In starting immediately, “Jerusalem” takes focus the whole of the band leading the song in before diverging sharply for the first verse; the theming behind the piece is solely based upon the crusades and Europe’s vision of a holy empire. The title track, “The Dark Age,” begins by stark manner a small fade in via drums with the band joining in full force and modulating to a lighter variant for the progression of the verse; the evolution of pre-chorus to chorus marks the song for its great use in transitions paralleling the intensity of the lyrics, once more concerning Christendom and the crusades. “Ancient Calling” has a powerful beginning to it being based around a shifting groove the song soon moves onto its verses building in crescendo and intensity for the chorus then given a slight refrain for the break lending focus to the wailing solo before shifting once more into the chorus as the outro for the composition ending on absolutely amazing vocal work. “The Holy Grail” contains more melodic progressions ascribed to it having its focus shifted to building suspense within the intro and translating those evocations into tension for the verse and pre-chorus; the break paves way for a solo that builds in intensity via the changing progressions before the entire band becomes tacit for an atmosphere and voice solo chorus.

The voicing of each instrument coalesces together in a grand scheme creating a sound larger than life and bigger than the album, each piece branching off one another in powerful strides and rebounding on accentuations and themes. The guitars, by example, are gritty and mixed across a large dynamic creating subtlety and force based on the volume used; the bass fills out the bottom with ease granting foundational substance to the whole of the band; the drums tie the whole of the group together bridging together all aspects in one uniform delivery, and lastly, the vocals are of their own caliber having a power and force to them quite unique and fitted perfectly to the music they accompany.

"The Dark Age" hits hard and leaves a lasting impression if not for its melodic and epic compositional endeavors, then for its interesting lyrical theming with insane vocals to match. The album speaks to any fan of European antiquity, or of Power Metal and its derivatives.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Intro (El Templario)
2. Jerusalem
3. The Dark Age
4. A Sinful Allegiance
5. Ancient Calling
6. Kiss Me, Goodbye
7. The Order of Things
8. The Holy Grail
9. A Lonesome Vision
10. Aphophis (The Bonescraper)
11. Kiss Me, Goodbye (Video Clip Edition)
Aristofanis Tzaerlis – Bass
Aero Cristian – Drums
Rizos Sprios (Sinner Guard) – Guitars
Pablo Ruiz Díaz – Vocals
Record Label: Elevate Records


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