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Evil United - ST

Evil United
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 20 November 2011, 4:56 PM

When I got the CD from MVD Audio I was very excited about it. Mostly I was excited because this new supergroup, EVIL UNITED, is another project of the screaming rasping banshee, Jason McMaster (Also known from his early and current works with DANGEROUS TOYS, WATCHTOWER and IGNITOR). McMaster’s wild vocalic approach started even before the world was introduced to another fine screaming, that is Tim “Ripper” Owens. I read a little about EVIL UNITED before clicking the play on my machine to start the hell ride as I expected from a band that slams Heavy along with violent Thrash Metal. However, when the button was pushed, in opposite to what Ozzy sang on one of his classic songs from 1986, I didn’t thank god for the bomb headed towards me.

Without a shadow of a doubt, these veteran dudes that played in SEBASTIAN BACH, S.A. SLAYER and RIOT among others seemed mean and punched hard with everything they got. Furthermore, their experience led them to do something somewhat different from what each of them did in his long career. The end result was a crude unification of both old school and new school silhouetted by a modern “in your face” production that won’t let you close your eyes. The revolting bestial smell of SLAYER, older MEGADETH and EXODUS smeared this self-titled album with its clutches without letting go.

Due to the harshness and the intensity of both vigorous speed and heaviness, I was glad I wasn’t listening to this album in a club because someone would have probably bashed my skull for sure. However, that is exactly what this album is all about and no more. EVIL UNITED, with their ferocity and odors of longing for youth along with the will to remain in check with the timeline, created a release that was virtually hollow and without any thrilling content to tell your friends about, besides meeting them in the bloodletting of the moshpit. The fact that most of these guys have written some amazing musical pieces over the years is an important pillar. Although I was glad that these guys joined to implement something surprising and different, not every surprise is a great turnout I am afraid.

Even though I expected from this album to be in my top ten list, I still saw some shining lights within it. First I was glad that T.C. "Bird" Connally, when deciding to put on a show, didn’t leave any room for error that he is an amazing lead guitarist. His main solo licks on “Dawn of Armageddon” and “Hexorcism” were an incarnation of some classic playing. Second, it was my first time listening to Jason McMaster thrashing himself up with such an untamed manner since WATCHTOWER. Although I think that he should not be aiming on trying to tag the modern style of singing, he made a respected performance with his charismatic stance. Third, EVIL UNITED, although writing some stuff that was overly banal, sliced with a perpetual force that the album had no end they would have kept on going and going.

When it comes to supergroups’ surprises, it can always be for better or for worst. I sure hope that when these guys will sit down again to write an album, they will try to manifest something that is a tad closer to their true origins.

3 Star Rating

1. Blasphemer
2. Dawn of Armageddon
3. Speak
4. Rise and Fall of Earth and Man
5. Wargod
6. Dark Serenade
7. Fifty Year Storm
8. Spoonfed
9. Lost Dream
10. Taking Over The Grandmaster
11. Walking to Sodom
12. Hexorcism
Jason McMaster- Vocals
Don "DVS" Van Stavern- Bass
T.C. "Bird" Connally- Lead Guitar
John "JV4" Valenzuela- Guitar
Jason "Shakes" West- Drums
Record Label: MVD Audio


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