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Evildead - United States of Anarchy Award winner

United States of Anarchy
by Craig Rider at 12 November 2020, 6:47 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: EVILDEAD; signed via Steamhammer Records, hailing from the United States of America - performing Thrash Metal, on their 3rd album entitled: “United States of Anarchy” (released October 30th, 2020). Since formation in 1986; the quintet in question have 2 Demos: “The Awakening” (released 1987), “Terror” (released 1994). An EP: “Rise Above” (released 1989), a Live Album: “Live…from the Depths of the Underworld” (released 1992). A Boxed Set: “2 Origins Of Evildead” (released 2003); 3 Singles “Blasphemy Divine” (released May 2nd, 2011), “The Descending” (released September 8th, 2020) & “Wrath Of God” (released October 16th, 2020) …and finally, 3 Full-Length Albums: “Annihilation of Civilization” (released September 1989), “The Underworld” (released June 1991) & this here album that I am introduced to entitled: “United States of Anarchy”. 10 tracks ranging at around 38:35; EVILDEAD arrange an intricately designed formula of some heavy-hitting Thrash Metal developments.

Opening up with the blistering barrage assault entitled: “The Descending”; EVILDEAD unleash this calamity in grinding distortion, reveling with amplified adrenaline and boisterously bouncy attacks that thunder with momentous yet primitive tightness…impactfully bombarding eardrums with rampant rompiness & sturdy reverberation that will immediately engage a profusely robust rattling of the skull. Rumbling with tempestuous bombast, and trailblazing yet skyrocketing punchiness… bulldozing an arming fabrication of brimming jumpiness that will motivate you off your feet in no time! “Word Of God” rivets with punky tones; relentlessly slaying with rumbling laceration drills; executing a hardened dose of some killer madness of monstrously meaty manifestations that will thrash your meathead with bruising calamity. Groovy chaos will overtake your soul, making sure that you’re possessed to break chairs over other chairs intensely!

Consisting of Phil Flores on vocals; the front man excels at a gnarly attribute on throaty raspiness, pipes yell with extreme barks and bellowing roars while snarling with shouty authority. “Napoleon Complex” forges a chiseling overdose on some uniquely versatile vehemence that showcases rompy sturdiness that shreds with twinning guitar virtuosity; quintessential guitar hooks fret from twinning riffers Juan Garcia & Albert Gonzales, both implement experimental deadliness while persevering with a borderline foundation on rapidly swift nimbleness and incredibly explosive substance that quakes with relentless yet sonically seamless organics. Catchy crunchiness fueling a brimming armory of creatively dexterous chugs, and galloping frolics continuously blast into a dynamic overdrive of chaotic havoc converging immensely dynamic firepower for good measure that will have horns held incredibly high with mighty strength.

Steamrolling with supreme velocity; “Greenhouse” stampedes with weighty yet volatile mayhem, bulldozing a bruising but belting combustion of razor-sharp thuds that pumps up with piledriving malevolence…powerhouse drummer Rob Alaniz rambunctiously slams the set with steely & vicious precision. Clobbering fiercely like a high-octane battalion; where the momentous yet primitive onslaught slams with wildly rushing viscerality, muscles pulsate with synergetic pulverization & rapidly swift nimbleness through this malicious maelstrom which will make you sing-along while having a blasting ball. “Without A Cause” injects an infectiously audible but berserking bass grit from Karlos Medina; who venomously thumps his axe with rollicking stability, while the rest of this deadly institution immersively intensifies aggressive but extreme density that will relentlessly engage a captivation form of crazy dance bangs in which will most surely start your day off right!

No Difference” opens up with this bluesy bass solo merging an acoustic strum until more nuclear madness overtakes your speakers with striking pursuits on systematic quirks that shine with vibrantly potent patterns on enthralling headbanging exuberance. Quaking with this vicious spectrum of total pandemonium, ruthless havoc, and groundbreaking velocity…strifing with insanely fast hooks while this impactful collision on speedy frets launch an insane empowerment from within. “Blasphemy Divine” is a bludgeoning lunacy on experimental eruption; desecrating eardrums with profane integrity, crunchy chunkiness implodes your soul with spellbinding melody…showering this revolving volley of oscillating crescendos in which scatters the pavement with belting brutality.

The penultimate track: “A.O.P. War Dance” is another crisp groove-bomb; where this thrilling yet tuneful progression on polished fluidity, elements this suicidal torpedo onto you, attributing a bunch of memorable songwriting chorus’ in which will have you gang-chant “war dance” while storming with the flickering battle hymns in which marvelously harmonizes extraordinary heat on rough flexibility. Overall concluding “United States Of Anarchy” in which throughout the recording presentation romps out this monolithic tone of total, incendiary anarchy tenfold. “Seed Of Doubt” overdoses a healthy slab of sinister yet salubriously sulphurous grills in which overarches with superlative yet sweltering riff flows, finalizing the record with constructive but destructive cohesion.

Bottom line; wow, what a wrecking ball of an offering that is long overdue… their first long play deliverance in over 29 years most surely serves as a Thrash Metal staple with no doubt in my mind. I am compelled to say that EVILDEAD have earned themselves a new fan as “United States Of Anarchy” was most definitely hard to stop playing… it’s addictive as hell, and a hell raising spectacle on rhythmic onslaughts with distinguished but detailed distinctives on raw but angry instrumentation that will keep you replaying this one until you drop! An enjoyably entertaining discovery which is a must spin if you’re looking for a maniacal yet phenomenal listen. A work of masterclass material… welcome back to the game, lads! I’ll be keeping an eye out on you that’s for sure! Most likely one of my favourite albums of this year! Bravo!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. The Descending
2. Word of God
3. Napoleon Complex
4. Greenhouse
5. Without A Cause
6. No Difference
7. Blasphemy Divie
8. A.O.P./War Dance
9. Seed of Doubt
Phil Flores - Vocals
Juan Garcia - Guitar
Albert Gonzales - Guitar
Karlos Medina - Bass
Rob Alaniz - Drums
Record Label: SPV/Steamhammer


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