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Evilizers – Solar Quake

Solar Quake
by Mike McMahan at 11 April 2021, 1:21 PM

Originally formed in 2013 as a JUDAS PRIEST tribute band called PRIEST KILLERS, EVILIZERS decided in 2017 to start recording original material under the new band name. They released the album “Center Of The Grave” in 2018, and now follow it up with “Solar Quake”. This album has been released under the eye of Punishment 18 Records.

The band is quite heavy, which is evidenced by the first track on this release, the title cut “Solar Quake”. The song opens with some sweet guitar riff work following a nice drum roll intro. The vocal is a hybrid of lofty, upper register histrionics combined with a throaty Death Metal like growl, which, in my mind, detracted from the remainder of the song. Musically, the band fires some pretty heavy shots across the bow on this song; and helps to create an effective opener. The guitar work on this first track was immense.

“U.T.B.” follows, with a very promising intro featuring a galloping lower end and some more nice guitar work. The vocal here is mirrored in places with the growl, and completely killed what was a promising cut for me. I am also at a loss, as far as the acronym is concerned, as the vocal is indiscernible throughout the greater portion of the song.

“Call Of Doom”, the album’s third track, is a beautiful instrumental piece which leads into “Chaos Control”, which is a heavy handed and plodding anthem. There isn’t much to complain about with the song, as the entire band is on their “A” game for it. Of note, there is an incredible interlude in the midsection, with a fantastic melodic guitar solo. Attacco’s vocal remains, for the most part, clean; and he is more effective here than on the previous two vocal tracks.

The fifth song on this release is “Earth Die Screaming”, which features some sweet progressive turns and fantastic musicianship. I’ll give them the growled mirroring on this cut, because it amplifies the vocal effect instead of being a complete distraction. All told, a rather impressive performance.

“Shiver Of The Fate” has an early JUDAS PRIEST like intro and first verse, reminiscent of lighter moments from the “Sad Wings Of Destiny” album. “Terror Dream” is easily the most amazing track from this album, again focusing on an almost Prog Metal feel, with great musicianship and vocal. The remainder of the record holds no surprise, until the full fledged growl on “Ghost”, which is worse than anything else on the record.

Musically speaking, EVILIZERS is an incredibly strong band. Vocally, they have moments. There are a few issues with the writing, which I am sure come down to translation and a rather thick Northern Italian accent from Attacco, and my American ear; but for the most part, this is a promising release.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1.Solar Quake
3.Call Of Doom
4.Chaos Control
5.Earth Die Screaming
6.Shiver Of The Fate
7.Terror Dream
8.Disobey The Pain
9.Holy Shit
10.Time To Be Ourselves
Alessio Scoccati – Bass
Giulio Murgia – Drums
Davide Ruffa – Guitar
Fabio Novarese – Guitar
Fabio Attacco – Vocals
Record Label: Punishment 18 Records


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Edited 01 February 2023

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