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Evilspell – Padre Vostro

Padre Vostro
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 06 December 2021, 6:07 AM

EVILSPELL is an Italian blackened thrash metal band who formed in 2006. "Padre Vostro," is their third full length album. They have also released two demos and a split. I like thrash but it is one of my least listened to genres so I'm very out of the loop on current trends.  But one listen to EVILSPELL tells me they don't care about trends either. "Padre Vostro," is one mean, dirty and pure evil thrash album. Their blackened aspects certainly give them an underground edge to compliment their tendencies to rip faces off. The songs are a good length too. With the exception of the first track, none of them are under four minutes and a few are longer than that. They are long enough to have substance but not too long to wear out their welcome.

"Padre Vostro," is a fast and lean album that cuts straight to the point. But they inject enough groove and crazy solos to keep the nine track, 42 minute long album consistently fresh and interesting. "Horrid," opens the album with drums and riffs that seem to be in a race to see who will finish the song first. The thrash tempo and blackened riffs work well together. The bass slaps as well and the album is mixed pretty damn well. The title track is immediately high octane with several different riffs bursting out within the first minute. The drums seem to steer the direction of the song, always having a clever beat to work into the song.  The tempo goes fast to faster, adding in a chaotic motion.

At over six and a half minutes long, "Antisocial Satan" shows how the band goes balls out yet still keeps a thrash sound. To keep a song of this type still interesting as it approaches the seven minute make is commendable. I am recalled KREATOR with the way the vocals are spit out with angry earnest against the rampaging riffs and drums. The song spends a good portion without vocals; the band just thrashing until they can't. The tempo slows down around the halfway mark and I appreciate how they aren't afraid to do this—it still sounds monstrous.

"Sacrifice," begins with more of a focus on actual riffs. The song, of course, speeds up but the music remains robust and just throbs with a meaty thrash vibe. One of my biggest complaints against the genre is how thin it can sound but EVILSPELL avoid this. The best is definitely saved for last with "Evil Slaughter," a song that is everything they just played but injected with thrashroids. The vocals are depraved, the riffs alternate between speed and mid paced groove. Melody of sorts even finds its way at the halfway mark with clean guitar and melodic bass. The song builds up smoothly and naturally after this point, returning with renewed energy.

EVILSPELL's "Padre Vostro" is a rip roaring thrash album that leaves a lasting impression with a blackened edge and no holds barred attitude.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Horrid
2. Padre Vostro
3. Masonic Scum
4. Cardinal Rapist
5. Necrology
6. Antisocial Satan
7. Pain
8. Sacrifice
9. Evil Slaughter
Igor – Drums, Vocals
Filo – Vocals, Guitars
Paul – Guitars, Vocals
Gigi – Bass, Vocals
Record Label: Blasphemous Records


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