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Evoke - Seeds Of Death Award winner

Seeds Of Death
by Craig Rider at 25 September 2020, 10:19 PM

Metal Maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: EVOKE; signed via Pulverised Records, hailing from Norwegian grounds - performing Black/Thrash Metal, on their debut album entitled: “Seeds Of Death” (released September 18th, 2020).

Since formation in 2016; the trio in question have 2 Demos: “Soul Of The Night” (released January 16th, 2016), “Rehearsal Demo” (released July 15th, 2016), and this here debut album that I am introduced to entitled: “Seeds Of Death”. 7 tracks ranging at around 33:11; EVOKE arrange an intricately designed formula of some heavy-hitting Black/Thrash Metal amalgamations.

Opening up with the blistering calamity forged into a barrage frenzy of boisterously bouncy adrenaline, amplified intensity & groovy executions within the “Deadly Revenge”…EVOKE implement a healthy dose of some uniquely versatile vehemence that’s solidly slabbed with this trailblazing ritual of savagely monstrous meatiness that will skyrocket you off yer ass in no time. This bludgeoning brutality of gnarliness creates an extreme crunch of fierce distortion, high-octane speed & this ruthless pandemonium of triggering mayhem that unleashes this weighty punch… grinding into a hardened harmony in chugging chaos while tempestuously galloping like a bulldozing berserker that will rip & tear until you rampantly break chairs over other chairs in a frantic free for all of maddening proportions. (of the good, thrashing kind of course)

Consisting of Kato Marchant on vocals/guitars; the shredding frontman excels at a deep vocal pattern of raspy throatiness, snarling with catchy gutturals & growly finesse. Roaring with surging malice while lacerating with killer momentum; arming a brimming fabrication of some sonically seamless riffs that remind me a lot of TOXIC HOLOCAUST with their brutal aesthetic of blackened, crust thrash relentlessness. The guitars element a ferocious flow in rompy yet primitively raw synergies that manifest this rough overdose while wondering with jumpy yet jarring substance; organic swiftness, rapidly swift dynamics and dexterously flamboyant firepower expertise that will rattle your noggins until it falls off. The titular track starts off with this oscillating drum hook, showcasing these razor-sharp ramifications that thunder with monolithic tempos, rambunctiously piledriving drum hammering from Wilson Urrustarazu who salubriously slams with volatile & steely precision. While the surging riffs portray this quintessential quirk with snappy virtuosity, viciously marvelling these visceral pummellings that pound with quaking remedy.

Souls Of The Night” demonstrates experimental hybrids in chunky maelstrom thumpiness, as audible bassist Hans Magus injects an infectiously venomous stomp within this reverberating mass of riveting rhythms and deadly vibrancy…stampeding with rampaging onslaughts that attacks eardrums with wildly rushing slayings. “Leviathan's Victory” revels with satanic outbursts which distributes an evil empowering embodiment in blasphemous domination; hastily banging with rebellious retribution, while rumbling a fluidly polished yet while providing this sulphurous sound production panache that easily becomes addicting for maximum replay value that will strike you through the day into a massive pursuit of distinctively distinguished characteristics - blending hostile scatterings that smother speakers with persistently persevering skill, resulting with symbolic vehemence & uniquely versatile yet uproarious havoc.

Wrathcurse” explores bleeding abominations; creating constructively fiendish noise terror, systematically pulverizing with shrieking fretwork intensity & hellishly demonic contingencies. Using progressively technical fundamentals, flexible thrills and chiselling battering in which pumps out profusely robust yet combustible headbanging attributes that will merge aggressively intense but stompy yet whirlwinding vortex of homicidal insanity! The penultimate track “Demons Of War” offers more virulent weaponry, speed thrashing with no remorse and burning with scorching technicalities with tenacious oblivion. Storming with sweltering licks, bashing but breakneck blitzkrieg and bombastic furore.

Overall concluding “Seeds Of Death” with the finale epic: “Satanic Rebirth”; a fitting end which thuds with thick trembles, more outrageously stimulating rips, and briskly crisp heftiness with lots of sturdy tribulations…I am compelled to say that EVOKE delivered a stunning piece of piercing but blazing black/thrash metal malevolence that most certainly deserves a listen or ten! These sub-genre culminations contribute a menacing yet euphonic amount of ambitiously addictive instrumental devastation, that will serve your maniacal metal needs without question. An enjoyably entertaining discovery that should be in your collection for sure! Check it out, you won’t regret it.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Deadly Revenge
2. Seeds Of Death
3. Souls Of The Night
4. Leviathan’s Victory
5. Wrathcurse
6. Demons Of War
7. Satanic Rebirth
Hans Magus - Bass
Wilson Urrustarazu - Drums
Kato Marchant - Vocals/Guitars
Record Label: Pulverised Records


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