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Ewigheim - 24/7

by Isha Shah at 23 December 2014, 8:44 PM

In the space of two years, EWIGHEIM have evolved rapidly with releasing their first single back in 2012, and album “Have Nothing” the following year. The band has continuously put out new music, with the release of “24/7” being a full length.

This record is packed with enchanting tunes that linger within the air to pipe ghostly howls as, found in the first track “Tanz Um Dein Leben” which provides a heavily capturing intro before vocals are finally swept in. Allen B. Konstanza pelts his deep and cynical voice matching its dark gothic tone in German. Adding it it’s mysterious and fulfilling chant, the language barrier does work for EWIGHEIM, as it is found to fail amongst most bands narrowing their audience.

Keeping within the boundaries of the psychedelic distorted sound that the trio produce, the second track takes us further deeper into the record with bouncier tones that contradict Konstanza’s vocals. Deeper and darker, the tones are layered with hard dips that add to the rugged vocals that sound like count Dracula on a bad day. Pumped with a techno beat, the song is somewhat uplifting when played together however, the overall feel seems a little 2008, with it now being expired, the track does not stand strong in the current market.

Following this whole theme of dated music that was once a thing, now it certainty is not, clearly displaying nostalgic routes and older influences, the album lacks a new sense of transformation for it to be released in 2014. Having said this, the band does portray this style well, if only it was seven years earlier.

A stand out track which explores a whole new mixture of sounds is found earlier on in the album with “Wir, Der Teufel & Ich” producing medieval alarms, mixed with harmonic strings that damper the mood in a sorrowful tone, adding texture to the narrative been told, the track feels like it should feature in a battle movie. Similarly to “Heimweg (Laibach)” which follows a different structure but planted to cause a sense of diversity within the record, this track related to a musically stand off.

Drawing a close to the album, the two latter tracks seem to come from a whole new dementia, as its slow build up of techno beats seems to have increased with “Morgenrot (Neue Weltordnung)” highlighting this talent. Overall EWIGHEIM have produced a detailed and complex 11-track album, which does vary in sound in a fitting way.

3 Star Rating

1. Tanz Um Dein Leben
2. Nicht Mehr
3. 24/7
4. Wir, Der Teufel & Ich
5. Gloria
6. Schneemann 2.1
7. Heimweg (Laibach)
8. Der Tanz der Motten (Sun Of The Sleepless)
9. Die Augen Zu (Soko Friedhof)
10. Morgenrot (Neue Weltordnung)
11. Nachruf (Bluter)
Allen B. Konstanz - Vocals, Drums, Piano
Yantit - Guitar, Programming
Record Label: Massacre Records


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