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Ewigheim - Nachruf Award winner

by Eddie "Deaddie" McConnaughty at 20 December 2013, 2:41 AM

EWIGHEIM is Gothic Metal piece out of Germany. These guys have a catchy groove to them that sort of reminds me of RAMMSTEIN. They add a little bit of the electronic biz to their music, but do not overdo it by any means, just the right amount. This is another band that I was not familiar with before this album. There are no harsh vocals at all on the album. It is also sung entirely in German, which is awesome, even if I can’t understand it. These guys are on key with their music. The overall flow is very smooth, with the heaviness staying at a moderate level. Nope, nothing too extreme here, but still heavy none the less. The lyrical theme is that of death, suicide, and other morbid gothic content.

The drum work is right on queue. He does a wonderful job keeping the time, keeping the basic of the song. Nothing overly intricate, but catchy. The guitar work is alright, it blends well with the bass and the electro components of the music. Over all the songs flow very, very smoothly. All of the transitions fit together quite well, to keep the groove going. As mentioned before, EWIGHEIM sort of reminds me of RAMMSTEIN. Though where most of RAMMSTEIN’s stuff is completely industrial, these chaps add just the right amount to really compliment the groove in there perfectly awesome sound. The vocals are all clean, in that full German voice, which is what really reminds me of RAMMSTEIN.

All in this entire band is pretty awesome. It’s full, yet not extreme. You can definitely catch your head moving while you listen to it. 

4 Star Rating

1. Zwischen Menschen
2. Die Augen Zu
3. AmMeer
4. Heimway
5. Ein Nachruf
6. Himmelfahrt
7. Falsches Herz
8. Liebes Lied
9. Glueck Im Unglueck
10. Wenn Es Am Schoensten Ist
11. Sanctum Imperium
Yantit - Guitars / Programming
Blutkehle - Session Vocals
Allen B. Konstanz - Drums, Vocals, and Piano
Markus Stock - Lead Guitar
West - Bass
Record Label: Massacre Records


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