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Excelsis - Vo Chrieger U Drache

Vo Chrieger U Drache
by Pablo Skorupski at 05 August 2013, 4:02 PM

Metal fans probably know one of these iconic bands arising from Switzerland, as KROKUS, CELTIC FROST and CORONER; perhaps the younger fans also know ELUVEITIE, one of the leader bands of current Folk Metal. Well, the one in question in this review is a Swiss band of Power Metal / Folk Metal, some years older than ELUVEITIE, which for many (including myself) turns out to be an unknown band. I refer to EXCELSIS, who were formed in 1996 in the town of Koppigen and since then have not stopped releasing albums. "Vo Chrieger U Drache" is his sixth full-length album. EXCELSIS's music is heavily influenced by the sound of bands like GRAVE DIGGER and BLIND GUARDIAN, with the addition of traditional folk instruments like flutes and bagpipes.

After a mysterious prologue narrated in Swiss German (variant of German language which is spoken in Switzerland), that seems to herald the coming battle, "Brothers of War" begins the album. This is an Epic Power metal song imbued of Germanic atmosphere, with majestic vocals that at times remind me to BLIND GUARDIAN. It has a short and fast guitar solo full of adrenaline and feeling. While "Druids" presents a festive and folkloric background, "Heathen Princess" is a powerful Power / Folk gunshot, whose structure reminds to GRAVE DIGGER in the days of "Tunes of War". "The Fear" is a brief interlude, also narrated in Swiss German, that gives way to "Uechtland" another Epic Power Metal song where again appears reminiscences of BLIND GUARDIAN; sounds of swords brings the climate of battle.

"Chrieger" is my favorite song of the album. It is endowed with a sad melody that coupled with expressive vocals seem narrating the end of a battle and the sorrow of a warrior after suffering a defeat. An emotive composition, calm, bombastic and enjoyable. "Dragonhole" is a theme in that predominates mid-tempo passages, while "The Chapel" is a heavy song somewhat monotonous. "The Fall of the One" alternates between heavy parts and quiet passages; meanwhile, "The Avenger" returns the pace Power Metal into overdrive. "Wissi Baerge" is built over a battler Power Metal and is a good end to a good album. "Epilogue" is a musical closure narrated as an outro.

Without being myself a follower of Folk Metal, I must say that "Vo Chrieger U Drache" is a solid album, since EXCELSIS has the particularity of is not too much similar to the most of Folk oriented bands. So, fans of the flutes and bagpipes combined with heavy music, take note of this work.

3 Star Rating

1. Prologue (of Sintram and Bertram)
2. Brothers of War
3. Druids
4. Heathen Princess
5. The Fear
6. Uechtland
7. Chrieger
8. Dragonhole
9. The Chapel
10. The Fall of the One
11. The Avenger
12. Wissi Baerge
13. Epilogue
Münggu Beyeler - Vocals, Guitar, Bagpipes, Flutes
Rölu - Guitar, Flutes, Backing Vocals
Ädu - Keyboards, Flutes, Backing Vocals
Mäk - Bass
Küsu Herrmann - Drums
Record Label: Non Stop Music Records


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