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Exciter - Thrash Speed Burn (CD)

Thrash Speed Burn
by Yiannis Doukas at 04 April 2008, 2:02 PM

EXCITER is the perfect and ultimate musical depiction of Heavy Metal music. If you don't agree with this then there are two possibilities. One probably you are unfamiliar with their sound and the other you are just too poser and wimp to be a metalhead.
***This review was originally uploaded 20 days ago, but was deleted by  mistake***
Somewhere in the middle of the 70s a young guy named John Ricci starts his musical steps with a band under the name HELLRAZOR in Ottawa of Canada. In the end of this decade he will meet Dan Beehler and Allan Johnson joining him and after some years they will rename their band to EXCITER, a name that one member of their roadcrew proposed, influenced by the self-titled JUDAS PRIEST song.
During June 1981 they will record a demo at Nimbus Sound Stage Studios of Toronto that will include four songs like the well-known World War III and Sail On, Vindicator, Fall Like An Angel. These recording have been sent to Mike Varney, boss of Shrapnel Records and the first track will be the EXCITER representation in US Metal Vol. II that was released in 1982. The next year they record a nine track demo in the basement of John Belrose and the conclusion is the release of their debut Heavy Metal Maniac, an album out of Metal imagination, violent and earbleeding torment with mythical songs like Heavy Metal Maniac, Mistress Of Evil or Black Witch. Everything is perfect in this Metal jewel, an album that cannot be missing in any headbanger's disc collection. The follow-up is the same impressing with Violence And Force that was produced by Carl Canedy, and Long Live The Loud. Songs like Violence And Force, the hymn Pounding Metal, Scream In The Night and I Am The Beast are just an unapproachable dream for other bands to compose. The intense and the adrenaline that these sounds exposes are out or any Metal overdose. Vocals full of screaming mania and rage, violent aggressive wall of dirty sound in the guitar with some of the best Metal riffing in history, a lunatic drumming like a demonized Overkill making these three albums not only a must but absolutely necessary if you want to have a basic idea of what Heavy Metal is.
EXCITER done a lot of tours like supporting MOTORHEAD in their USA tour of No Remorse together with MERCYFULL FATE or in Europe supporting the Metal Heart tour of ACCEPT. Unfortunately after this John Ricci will leave the band but in March of 1986 the new album Unveiling The Wicked will be released with Brain McPhee in guitar duties, who was a friend of Beehler since they played together, in before-EXCITER era with the band JET BLACK. The album was very, very good but I cannot understand the meaning of songs like (I Hate) School Rules that is not bad but I would like it to be included in an ANVIL album and not in an EXCITER one.
Year 1988 is the year of the self-titled album release with a remarkable change. Dan decides to focus in drumming, considering that a frontman would give them more audience attention and the ultimate talent Rob Malnati will be the new vocalist of them. Rob was the singer of the also - Canadian - CRYPT, a band that had released in 1987 the Stick To Your Guts dynamite, a hidden treasure but Metal perfection. Please if someone knows anything about this band can contact us!
Four years of ice age passed and the 1992 reunion return is a fact. The original trio is here again and Kill After Kill is the perfect comeback; just listen to the 'hit' Reign Of Terror. Shit will happen again and after the release of the live album Better Live Than Dead in 1993 the band will pause its activities again. Thanx Satan the return is better than any metalhead's imagination could be. Osmose Productions will offer a contract and in 1997 EXCITER strikes with the absolute The Dark Command, this time having only John as the original member with an unbelievable singer Jacques Belanger and Rick Charron and Marc Charron behind drums and bass. After three years Blood Of Tyrants is a fact, having the same quality with the previous one including some of the best songs in their career like Rule With An Iron Fist or Violator. Both these albums are 'must'.
Endless in-and-outs of the singer, changing members lead to band's hypnosis for eight years with only light the New Testament release having re-recorded versions of older Ricci era songs with some nice moments like the Heavy Metal Maniac album songs but I don't find any reason for its existence except the opportunity of younger metalheads to listen to the older stuff.
So, we have arrived in present time and EXCITER's endless Metal lust is here with once again a perfect vocalist Kenny Winter and Rob Cohen playing bass. Believe me there is no meaning to tell you anything more except that they are here with something that is EXCITER. The sound, although that they recorded for the first time with digital production, has the same filth-ness and guitar razor effect, Kenny screams are like there is tomorrow with a voice reminding me of Bobby Lucas. Massacre Mountain is holocaust, you will be screaming in your room with the self-titled tune, Crucifixion's mid-tempo drumming is perfect, Demon's Gate could be a lost track of Violence And Force. The first seven songs are pure metal headbanging overdose, you will die exhausted and your necks will bleed together with your throat screaming in Evil Omen. Their charismatic refrains with the repeating lyrics are penetrating your melted mind immediately. The last three songs are nice, not in the level of the others but for other bands are just an utopia composing them.
You want a rating, eh? Are you kidding me? Can you realize what band is this? Buy anything, just anything. Oh, and this music cannot be listened in PCs. Destroy your room, let the speakers explode. Canadian Metal you cunts!!!

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Massacre Mountain
Thrash Speed Burn
In Mortal Fear
Demon's Gate
Evil Omen
The Punisher
Rot The Devil King
Kenny Winter - Vocals
John Ricci - Guitars
Rob Cohen - Bass
Rick Charron - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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