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Excruciation - [g]host Award winner

by Jessica Howkins at 24 July 2014, 8:16 PM

EXCRUCIATION – a band that will make Metal genre elitists curl over and cry back into their mother’s wombs. This heavy five-piece mix genres from all over the Metal spectrum from Black Thrash, Thrash, Doom and Death and it works so bloody brilliantly.

Like I said, if you’re not a fan of mixing genre’s then don’t come crying about how they’re not 100% set on one genre in the Metal world – these guys are talented and infuse their favourite genres passionately and with a lot of dedication and love for what they do, they have been able to create something unique and original that makes you want to keep putting the album on repeat.

“Ghost – An Interlude” is one of those  soothing, unusual tracks that somehow has the power to put you in a somewhat deep trance, the entire “\[g]host” album keeps you in said trance, however, each track has its own different way of doing so. It could be the way “Mother South” fills you with pure hatred for everything that once done you over, the way it makes you sneer and think about how you can stick your middle finger up at them for being someone now. It could be the way “Devil Wears Christ” shoots through you and makes you feel somewhat powerful over things you feel unimportant and weak next too or it could just be the way “\[g]host” captures your emotions, good and bad and shoves them into 9 brilliant tracks making them speak out to you.

EXCRUCIATION are one extremely talented band. The way they infuse their styles and make it their own (I think we should name it Black Threathoom or something a lot cooler than my suggestion), The way they connect with the music they make that well it rubs off onto and into the listeners soul.

“\[g]host” is an album that is a definite must for the majority of the metal community, it’s an album that you can listen to if you’re the type that likes to chill out, bang your head or both. Technically, it’s an album for everyone, except genre elitists and of course those kids who lost their way with ONE DIRECTION and NICKI MINAJ.


4 Star Rating

1. While the Sea Mounts Up
2. Mother South
3. Under the Linden Tree
4. Murmansk II Му́рманск
5. Ghost - An Interlude
6. Crawl
7. Sacrum Quod Vivit
8. Murmansk I Му́рманск
9. Devil Wears Christ
Eugenio Meccariello – Vocals
Hannes Reitze – Guitar
Marcel Bosshart – Guitar
D.D. Lowinger – Bass
Andy Renggli – Drums
Record Label: Auric Records


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