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Excuse – Prophets of the Occultist Cosmos

Prophets of the Occultist Cosmos
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 09 July 2019, 6:27 AM

EXCUSE is a Thrash Metal band based out of Helsinki, Finland. Formed in 2009, they released a few demos and EPs, and now present their debut full-length, titled “Prophets of the Occultist Cosmos,” which contains six tracks. Thrash Metal is a genre that I enjoy, but most of the originality came from the Gods of yesteryear who laid its foundation and established its thin borders. So let’s find out if EXCUSE has anything original to bring to the table.

“Black Crystal Visions” opens the album. Following some trippy opening guitar notes, the main sound is established. It’s fast and furious, and definitely has some original sounds. The vocals echo and riff changes abound. It’s like they fused new life into the genre. “Blade of Antichrist” is a bit shorter but with no less aggression. The echo in the vocals give it that Old School sort of sound, but they know how to compose riffs. Good Thrash Metal hears riffs changing here and there so that you are not stuck on your toes, and that is exactly what you get here. Some of the guitar work following the solo has an IRON MAIDEN vibe to it, especially considering the bass guitar parts.

“Prophets from the Occultist Cosmos” has a more calculated sound…it’s a little slower and perhaps more intense. I can’t help this feeling that I am listening to old IRON MAIDEN…the “self-titled” days. It wasn’t Thrash Metal but some of the chord progressions match, as well as their featured use of bass guitar, and the solos. “Goddess Injustice” has that familiar gallop of Thrash Metal fused with NWOBHM. It has a tough and aggressive sound from the vocals and ever-shifting guitar riffs. “Sworn to the Crimson Oath” opens with some eerie noises before the main riff comes in. It’s fast moving and more of that galloping occurs from the drums and guitars. It has an edgy and solemn sound.

“Watchtower of the Trans-Dimension” is the closing beast on the album, at over ten minutes in length. It cruises around for a while before the vocals come in, shifting and changing. It picks up here and there before a pause just after the half-way mark. It ends on an IRON MAIDEN inspired closing clean guitar passage. Overall, I was impressed by the band’s commitment to Old School Thrash, while keeping it relevant with fresh riffs and energy. They are teetering on the edge of creating something really special, so keep an eye on them for future releases. As it is, this is good debut effort.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 7


3 Star Rating

1. Black Crystal Visions
2. Blade of Antichrist
3. Prophets from the Occultist Cosmos
4. Goddess Injustice
5. Sworn to the Crimson Oath
6. Watchtower of the Trans-Dimension
Oskar Lindström – Vocals/Guitar
Atte Aaltonen – Bass/Backing Vocals
Anselmi Ahopalo – Lead Guitar
Tatu Lybeck – Drums
Record Label: Shadow Kingdom Records


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