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Exdestrier – Glorious Barbarism

Glorious Barbarism
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 27 February 2023, 2:14 PM

EXDESTRIER is a Blackened Stoner Metal band from Scotland. With no record label, and no entry on The Metal Archives, I wasn’t able to gather much information on the band. This album has five songs. “Widowmaker” is the first. It begins with slow and meaty bass notes, and a nihilistic sound. The riff plays along with the bass line, slow and sober sounding. There is a little bit of BLACK SABBATH in their music, especially the way the riff trills amidst the gloomy and grey sound. It begins to quicken, and then back to that same slow, plodding pace.

“To Glorious Oblivion” throws death vocals into the mix. The pacing is a little faster, but that heavy, punishing sound still rules the roost. Some light Progressive elements are also ushered in, mainly in the meter. Dissonant element also mix in. “The King & The Void” is a shorter and more concise beating by thugs in the dark. The heavy riffs reign blows down on you like a giant’s fist, bashing through everything in its anger. The shouted vocals rage intensely as well. “Mine Enemy the Sun” is twice as long. Rumbling bass notes open the song, followed by shouts of twisted rage and frustration. The riffs are woefully depressing as well, indicating some of the Sludge side of the band.

“The Place of Grim Reckoning” closes the album. It swoons with the sounds of vile filth, and creatures that live in the muddy swamp, where the skies are always foggy and overcast. The gritty riff is repeated for several bars to really drive it home. The air in the tires is beginning to wane as the song progresses, giving speed to the title of the song. A grim reckoning is the realization of something that you might have counted on before not coming through. Overall, you feel dirty after listening to this album, like an auto mechanic after an eight-hour shift. But, you also feel a sense of accomplishment, of satisfaction that you did something that mattered to others. Get ready to drown slowly in the muck with this pile-driving sound.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

Purchase Link:

3 Star Rating

1. Widowmaker
2. To Glorious Oblivion
3. The King & The Void
4. Mine Enemy the Sun
5. The Place of Grim Reckoning
Record Label: Independent


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