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Exence - Hystrionic (CD)

by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 30 October 2009, 12:51 PM

I always thought that Italy was producing exclusively bands belonging to the melodic Power Metal scene in the vein of RHAPSODY so, Hystrionic came to prove me wrong. EXENCE released their debut full length which -based on their saying- has been on the works for 16 months. After several listening sessions I finally see why it took them so long, but first things first…
We Will Never opens the album with a galloping rhythm and a massive volume keeping things well placed until the entrance of the vocals. I think EXENCE have over-used the vocal distortion making them sounding plastic and almost fake. You can always enjoy Death Metal growls as soon as they are produced by a trained throat. When the progressive elements entered with the tempo breaks and the sophisticated guitar riff I understood what EXENCE is all about; and that is Schuldiner's DEATH. In particular, Chuck's work with Symbolic and Individual Thought Patterns where Death Metal evolved getting strong progressive injections spawning the so-called melodic Death Metal (don't get confused with the Gothenburg sound). In Eternal Dynamics is by far a DEATH tribute song implementing all the fine elements found in the aforementioned albums. You can really enjoy the bass guitar sound in the background while the guitars are steadily accelerating bringing to mind the unbelievable riffing in Spirit Crusher. Although EXENCE walk on the influences path they do not sound like a copy-cat but do carry an almost personal sound that just needs additional work to make a real stand. The sure thing is that EXENCE have the potentials to enter the melodic Death Metal realm without blushing with shame.
The weakest characteristics of Hystrionic start from the fact that some songs have the tendency to lose focus due to the complicated structure and end to -as I have already said- the vocals' timbre. Actually, during the first listening sessions I thought I was dealing with a band from all these strange sounding -core genres that really mess with my nerves. Fortunately, this feeling goes away with the highlight songs like When Words Are Loose, Primal Mystic Substance with the minor NEVERMORE finishing touches and of course Symbolic Act that pays the proper respect to DEATH. Hell, even the vocals sound better in this…
Taking into consideration that this is a new band then we can cut them some slack to see what EXENCE can do on-stage and on the next full length album. METAL TEMPLE will keep an eye/ear on them… you?

3 Star Rating

We Will Never
In Eternal Dynamics
When Words Are Loose
Fix From The Ground
In Loving Memory
Primal Mystic Substance
Dream Of Wisdom
Symbolic Act
Overhate Threshold
Massimiliano Pasciuto - Vocals
Federico Puleri - Guitar
Mirko Serra - Bass
Francesco Brizzi - Drums
Record Label: Punishment 18 Records


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