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Exequy - Architect of Subjugation

Architect of Subjugation
by Brown Dwarf at 04 January 2015, 1:14 AM

Since starting with Metal Temple I have listen to a lot, and I do mean a lot of Black and Death Metal, some of it good, and some not so, but when it has been done right some of it has been freaking awesome.  As we all know, there isn’t a “one size fits all” formula to structuring a half decent ditty of death. But with that said, the brutality dial doesn’t always need to be set to 11 to deliver the desired outcome, unfortunately this is where a number of bands fall short of the Death Metal mark. The need to show maximum brutality overshadows everything else, which can be really disappointing, as more often than not there are some really strong elements bubbling just underneath the surface.

And the brutality trap snares another victim here in the form of EXEQUY. “Architect of Subjugation” is EXEQUY’s second demo release on Bestial Desecration Records. These are five songs that start at a gut wrenching pace, and are relentless until the final note dies. “Architect of Subjugation” starts with “Proselytize the Infamy” a short precursor to the second track “NanoManifestation of Virulent Antichrist (C.E.R.N)” musically, both of these tracks are strong, the problem I find with them is that any melody is destroyed as soon as it starts with continual blast beats and non sensical growling. Now, with that last sentence I know I may sound like my dad, it’s not that I like a rhythm I can dance too, but the constant barbarity becomes massively overpowering. “NanoManifestation of Virulent Antichrist (C.E.R.N)” starts and ends in fantastic fashion, starting from silence and building until the guitar pick slides down the bridge strings and ends with the music falling back into silence with just the whispering of a demon talking to its need for flesh.

These are some of the touches of excellence that could make “Architect of Subjugation” stand out from the crowd. “Tongues of Militant Biocide” show’s a moment of domination but once again is decimated by EXEQUY’s need for savagery. Half way through “Tongues of Militant Biocide” there is a really cool break down that could have been the saving grace but before it has the chance to start, it’s stopped. The final two tracks on “Architect of Subjugation” “Aeon of the Genome Blood Sacrament” and “Nuclear Eschaton Protocol” follow down the same path of ferociousness as the rest of the album. There are some well-timed over laid samples and again some good break downs, but these moments are completely clouded by EXEQUY’s necessity to create the most intense sound scape possible. As I outlined early “Architect of Subjugation” has some real moments of greatness, that if developed could lift EXEQUY above the Death Metal pulpit so they stand out from their peers.

But unfortunately as it stands, the delivery and extremity of “Architect of Subjugation”, just lines EXEQUY up with all the other decidedly average Death Metal bands out there.

2 Star Rating

1. Proselytize the Infamy
2. NanoManifestation of Virulent Antichrist (C.E.R.N)
3. Tongues of Militant Biocide
4. Aeon of the Genome Blood Sacrament
5. Nuclear Eschaton Protocol
C.M. - Vocals
D.B. - Guitars, Drums
Record Label: Wohrt Records


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