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Exgenesis - Solve Et Coagula

Solve Et Coagula
by Craig Rider at 30 July 2020, 3:35 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: EXGENESIS; signed via Rain Without End Records, hailing from Planet Earth - performing Melodic Doom/Death Metal, on their debut album entitled: "Solve Et Coagula" (released 15th of May, 2020).

Since formation in 2014; the trio in question have an EP entitled: "Aphotic Veil" (released January 25th, 2015), and this here debut album that I am introduced to entitled: "Solve Et Coagula". 8 tracks ranging at around 44:54; EXGENESIS arrange an intricately designed formula of some heavy-hitting Melodic Doom/Death Metal amalgamations.

"Coagula" begins the record; opening up with this atmospheric conjuring of some acoustic euphony leading into a guttural contrast of some gnarly landscapes, an enriching ebb flowing into an amplified but deadly ambiency…harnessing crunchy distortion and a doomy grind which showcases this monolithic tempo with upbeat yet sinister remedy. The vocals from frontman Alejandro Lotero (also on guitar) fabricate this sense of throaty raspiness; snarling with shouty roars, and beckoning barks, implementing a bludgeoning aesthetic in which supplies this extreme harmony…executing a groovy barraged fretwork that rumble with reverberating tightness. While shredding into a blistering but blackened frenzy of some rapidly swift nimbleness, organic substance & this sonically seamless rift of riveting rhythms that thunder with rampant yet tempestuous firepower.

Creating an engaging but flamboyant atmosphere of total ruination, ruthless pandemonium & thudding, trailblazing melodies…this here group amalgamates Doom-Death brilliantly well. Where the progressively technical profanity shrouds you with this mesmerising yet majestic manifestation of some meticulously primitive, yet rawly rough stabilities which detail in chunky instrumentation and a solid slab of ominous songwriting musicianship that wonder with profusely robust maelstroms while demonstrating dextrously dynamic virtuosity. Quintessentially quaking with punchy weight, razor-sharp quirkiness & vibrantly potent synergies – performed with a grandiose grandeur of thrilling triggering calamities and a monstrously meaty mood of melancholic rituals while offering spellbinding sturdiness which salubriously ramps up with an evil embodiment, intent on unleashing the inner demon within you…marvelously merging a distilling climate that vibrates with outrè panache & slick yet volatile variety.

"Embers" forges a blasphemous attribute; distributing a sulphurously momentous overarch which oozes out swampy sweeps, dimensional catchiness and a hybrid frontal assault of some twin-guitar attacks from guitarist Jari Lindholm. Bombarding a fluidly polished ramification of some hypnotic but grindy eerieness; killer lacerations and an audible bass injection, infectiously fuelled with slimy yet venomous slayings while thumping with uniquely versatile vehemence. Romping up with more of those jarring soundscapes, while remaining symphoniously mellifluous yet maliciously heavy and cacophoniously gruesome.

Brimming an articulate but intensely immersive diversity, in which prodegiously establishes concrete havoc and foreboding mood "Hollowness" harrows with this piledriving; double-bass drum hammering from battering stomper Christian Netzell. The slammer chisels his set with steely precision, while pummelling his cymbals with rambunctious integrity. Hardened density grumbles with this echoing empowerment, while the vocals harness a fiercely ferocious flair of deep and resonate surges that shriek with palpable manipulation. While the intriguing guitar hooks triumph with complex craftsmanship diligence, embellishing on experimental ripping skill which results with this tuneful aurora and a ghastly invasion that will blow eardrums with this strong presence of prerequisite deathliness.

"Intracosmos" revels with flexible fundamentals; intertwining impending but exploratory havoc, while juxtaposing those mandatory but combustible breakdowns of bleak chaos and chugging mastery. Speaking of chug, frolicking gallops also melt your soul with brutally bruising beats… slithering with massive yet tensing segments shroud your skin as if the world submerged into a tearing magnitude of otherworldly darkness - it maybe one of the weaker offerings, yet it still delivers a good listen that will make you totally immersed in. "Solves" engulfs you with mysterious, yet sorrowful riffing mastery… revolving around an explosive oscillation of dissonant imagery and chaos… swarming speakers with this dynasty clobbering of bulldozing finesse with this mighty perseverance of persistent strikes that will rattle your brains in no time. With more premise from Alejandro's dark gutturals, often turns into a rowdy yet torturous scream.

"Stasis" implodes into an altering construct of high-octane charge and flight, emphasising on rugged viscerality and a scorching smack of primal tension while sprinkling a dazzling dose of healthy but impactful grit. Consistently drilling heated grips, with orchestral sublimity that stampedes with rampaging subjugation while making things efficaciously dramatic in an utmost radical way. The penultimate track: "Truth" evolves into a breathtaking but fiery onslaught of dreary but laboriously hauling pulses; shining with some woeful leads that can come across as hauntingly daunting or profoundly pleasing to hear. A bunch of clean guitar parts takes over within portion; while the relentlessly menacing yet on the contrary, a crescendo of swinging yet saddening moments slither through with its incredible amount of powerful musicalities in place.

Overall concluding "Solve Et Coagula" with the epic finale entitled: "Where The Hope Ends" with more poignant strings, virtuoso patterns with this remarkable pursuit of well trained proficiency… I am compelled to say that EXGENESIS certainly outdone themselves with this one.

Bottom line; EXGENESIS are an èclat of wizardry, skyrocketing zest and an integral repellent of original conversion- culminating Death-Doom with persistent talent & potentially rewarding replayability value. That makes this an enjoyably entertaining experience, and it is definitely a discovery that's ultimately worthy of your time. Have a go or more!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Hollowness 06:39
2. Embers 05:50
3. Where the Hope Ends 06:05
4. Truth 05:13
5. Solve 03:28
6. Coagula 07:19
7. Intracosmos 05:10
8. Stasis 05:10
Jari Lindholm - Guitars/Bass
Alejandro Lotero - Vocals/Guitars (additional)
Christian Netzell - Drums
Record Label: Rain Without End Records


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