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Exiled On Earth - Forces Of Denial

Exiled On Earth
Forces Of Denial
by Lauren Fonto at 10 December 2016, 10:00 AM

EXILED ON EARTH has been in the metal game since some of us fans were very small, having started out in 1995 under the moniker of MAELSTROM. Having spent 16 years together has paid off in many respects; the guys are a tight unit and work well together musically. This band keeps alive a sound which has offshoots from Thrash and Progressive Metal. The album did feel a bit “samey” here and there, but there were enough little surprises to hold my interest. “The Glory and the Lie” includes a clip from Richard Nixon’s presidential candidacy run in the 1960s, and some well-executed clean guitar lines give way to a thrash barrage in follow-up track “Hypnotic Persecutions”. Bassist Gino Palombi isn’t relegated to the background – his interesting playing gets a chance to shine throughout the album. He is fast and dexterous on “Vortex of Deception”, and gives a solid underpinning to galloping number “Into the Serpent’s Nest”.

Guitarists Alfredo Gargaro and Tiziano Marcozzi have the dazzling speed, but they also captivate the listener through smart hooks and beautiful leads. “Underground Intelligence” has some slower, methodical lead work, while “Into the Serpent’s Nest” has some lightning-fast solo work which is still interesting and doesn’t substitute speed for technical skill. The guitar solo in “Lifting the Veil” arrives with an attitude-laden slide, and doesn’t let up from there. Marcozzi also handles vocals, and does both growls and cleans. On clean vocals, he has a clear tenor voice and handles sustained notes very well. Piero Arioni is an entertaining, highly skilled drummer, so it’s a great pity that the production on the drums is mostly muffled – the cymbals were worst affected, in my opinion. Nonetheless, he produces some interesting fills on “Forces of Denial”, and closes out “Into the Serpent’s Nest” on his own, which provides a nice showcase for his work.

Apart from a few moments where the songs sounded too similar to each other, these guys have put together an enjoyable album that demonstrates their musical experience. Hopefully Piero Arioni’s drum parts won’t get the short end of the stick next time when it comes to the production.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. Forces of Denial
2. The Glory and the Lie
3. Hypnotic Persecutions
4. The Mangler
5. Vortex of Deception
6. Underground Intelligence
7. Into the Serpent’s Nest
8. Lifitng the Veil
Alfredo Gargaro – Guitars
Gino Palombi – Bass
Tiziano Marcozzi – Guitars, vocals
Piero Arioni – Drums
Record Label: Punishment 18 Records


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