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Exilia - My Own Army (CD)

My Own Army
by George Karagiannis at 17 February 2009, 4:32 PM

God Hates Us All by SLAYER was the wrong title. Greg hates us all they wanted to say surely.
What else can I say when the chief inspector of our e-mag, knowing that I'm down with fever lately, he decided to give me this one for a review to finish me off!!! Sometimes I wonder why they send this style of records to Metal magazines as they have very little connection with the genre, sounding more pop than rocking!
Anyway EXILIA is a nu-Metal band from Italy and I really don't understand why they chose to put this tag on them as their Metal elements are incredibly few. Their new release sounds like a combination of DISTURBED, L7 and (Oh my God, not again) EVANESCENCE. Commercial as fuck baby!!!
Well for a metalhead this CD has very little to give him. Hardly you can find some Metal parts at songs like the opening Phoenix, Emptiness Of You and Magnolia. The rest are a mixture of grunge Rock, like the possible single Are You Breathing and Across The Sky, and the style that EVANESCENCE established at songs like Far From The Dark or No Destination.
What stands out from this band is Masha Mismane. Her vocals are great, capable for far more things than the boundaries of EXILIA's music. The lady got some balls there!!! I also liked the tight rhythm section here.
I don't know what all of the above told you, but if you are into the nu-Metal situation you will enjoy this one. If you are not then stay away as there is greater stuff to purchase in the Metal world.  

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Are You Breathing
The Hunter
I'm Perfect
Across The Sky
Emptiness Of You
Far From The Dark
No Destination
In The Air Tonight
My Own Army
Masha Mismane - Vocals
Elio Alien - Guitars
Privacy - Bbass
BH - Drums
Record Label: AFM Records


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