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Exlibris - Innertia

by John Paul Romero at 22 July 2018, 9:27 AM

EXLIBRIS is a Polish Melodic/Power Metal band formed in 2003, in Warsaw.  “Innertia” is their fourth studio album released on June 29, 2018 following the successful 2015 release, “Aftereal”. The album starts with an overture, “Innertia” which invites you to a mystic journey through space and time followed up by “Harmony of Spheres” which will give you exactly what the intro promised. It has a perfect blending of classical heavy metal and modern styles of the same genre, with a notable injection of power metal elements. “Gravity” brags a nearly similar atmosphere with its predecessor, except that it emphasizes its Heavy Metal side more. Also, it has a classic sounding two minute solo that starts with a frenzy of keyboards and a blitzkrieg of drums and guitars.

“Incarnate” is a high-energy track that will surely start a wild moshpit in any Exlibris show. The song features Riku’s ultra-high notes and a rally of crazy drumming. This track is a standout by far.  Songs “Shoot for the Sun” and “No Shelter” are a bit different from the others as they possess slower tempos, with “No Shelter” the much slower one but a ton heavier than the other. These songs are more like transitions from high energy to milder vibes then back to high octane mode. It features the band’s overall versatility in playing with different moods and tempos. “Amorphous” comes in with beautiful, flawless melodies and heavy riffs. It also has a very catchy chorus that you will surely sing along with. This track stands next to “Incarnate” in terms of standing out. “Thunderbird” deserves the same recognition as “Incarnate”. It’s a kind of a rare track that starts with a vocal intro and then backed up by heavy melodies of keyboards, bass and drums.

“Multiversal” and “Origin of Decay” are average entries compared to the others. The tunes and riffs sound almost generic that it can bore a newcomer in melodic metal. Although these songs are not highly praised, you’ve got to commend the band for the excellent and sophisticated lyrics. The album then is closed by “Ascention” which I would consider a power ballad. Power ballads by Heavy Metal/Power Metal bands are always special, and this one is another standout in the album. However, it makes me wonder. Why did they choose to close the album that was introduced by a blistering track “Harmony of Spheres” with a slower power ballad? It’s not a big issue though, because as earlier said, the track fits perfectly with the album and is another standout.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Innertia
2. Harmony of Spheres
3. Gravity
4. Shoot For The Sun
5. Incarnate
6. No Shelter
7. Amorphous
8. Origin of Decay
9. Multiversal
10. Thunderbird
11. Ascention
Riku Turunen - Vocals
Daniel Lechmański - Guitars
Piotr Sikora - Keyboards
Piotr Torbicz - Bass
Grzegorz Olejnik - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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