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EXM93 – Urban Far West Award winner

Urban Far West
by Jorge Zamudio at 08 August 2019, 2:36 PM

Old school Black Thrash, and I love it. This band sounds amazing, it’s like finding VENOM and AURA NOIR in the same band on 2019. So yeah, based on that, EXM93 is a band that's been a great discovery. Lately, I've been kind of losing faith in these kinds of bands; bands trying to create real raw music. Usually these bands fall into cliche's and end up sounding like trash rather than thrash.

“Age of Illusion” is an amazing start, thrashed as fuck, with harsh vocals and a lot of energy. There's a cool midsection that creates an oppressive atmosphere, that I would speculate is similar to just prior to a battle. I think it fits perfectly with this track, and this is just the beginning of the album.

“Blood Calls Blood” is one of those tracks that probably has a little bit of everything for everyone. Fast moments, amazing vocals, and great time changes between the tempos. Somehow, it all seems effortless. It's not at all like they even tried to create it that way, instead it just flows. Like a stream. A stream flowing from hell.

“Princeps Militiae Coelestis” is  a mid-tempo black song, and reminds me a lot of some DARKTHRONE tunes.  There's some really fast moments, and I have to say that the keyboard portion is simply beautiful. I didn’t like choirs, but here, that doesn't even matter. “EXM93 Regime” reminds me of AURA NOIR , and if you love it, you will love this track. “Wolves Warchant” is probably the best track of this album. It's very raw, moving from mid-tempo to fast in the blink of an eye, and as you probably have guessed, it has Howling, and that makes this pretty awesome.

The rest… is for you to check out yourself. I don't  want to ruin that feeling of finding something that sounds this damn good. This release will freshen your love of the more simplistic side of metal. By saying that I don't mean that this  is just noise in any way. On the contrary, this album has an excellent production, and I believe that they put in tremendous effort to determine what would sound best for the listener. By all means they have succeeded. Metal heads from all over the world, this is a must have album for 2019, and I think you'll agree if you just give them a listen.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10


5 Star Rating

1. The Calling
2. Age of Illusion
3. Blood Calls Blood
4. Princeps Militiae Coelestis
5. EXM93 Regime
6. Wolves Warchant
7. Apribottiglie E Pistole
8. Shadows of Past
9. Army of Obscurity
10. Dead in Cross (The Forgotten King)
11. At the Hell's Door
Eris - Bass
Malum Tenebris - Drums, Vocals
Umbra Lugubris - Guitars, Vocals 
Record Label: Vomit Arcanus Productions


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