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Exodia - Slow Death

Slow Death
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 26 April 2012, 8:32 PM

The Spanish born and raised EXODIA made me feel that nearly beneath any stone on the ground there is a raw type of underground Thrash Metal act that is ready to explode into the air. Nevertheless, after I took listens to their debut new album, "Slow Death", I came to realized that with all of their underdone features, they challenged themselves a bit to walk the plank of the music world. To their favour, most of the risks they took while breaking some of old school Thrash's swift elementary modules, EXODIA made a few good crossovers that elevated their creation into something a little different than the usual in your face stuff that you probably hear nowadays. "Slow Death", produced by ANGELUS APATRIDA's David G. Alvarez, that did a pretty nice work but not that in the highest of qualities, was recently released by Art Gates Records.

Throughout the material on the album I sensed that the band share admiration both to the modern and old school acts in Thrash and Groove Metal. Nonetheless, EXODIA didn't display any sort of material that might connect them to the modern day Groove Metal like MACHINE HEAD or LAMB OF GOD, in the contrary, the generated music out of this five piece crew was crude and evil. Their great riffages, both in sound and direction, were the best next thing to SLAYER, especially in the lead sections where the guitarists engendered simplistic solos as if they were Jeff Haneman's sons. Moreover, I also find a few resemblances to the new generation of Thrash in the image of WARBRINGER and the local Thrash hitters of ANGELUS APATRIDA. On the other hand, as I mentioned earlier, EXODIA didn't let themselves march head on only with blasting speed, destructive vocal line, and smashing rhythms. Some of the tunes, which were the successful ones in the pack, like "The Desire of Darkness", "No Solution", "World's Cancer", presented EXODIA as far creative. What saddened me a bit that these tracks weren't the majority of the tracklist. Through these songs, EXODIA shared rhythm sections of slow tempo chorus smeared acoustics, a somewhat emotional pattern of singing like on the final blow of "No Solution", several of groove parts that didn't lead me to think that they were going modern on me. In the end, alongside their approbation for the wicked old school stuff that shifted between the grouchy American style and the European menace, EXODIA proved that they can afflict their music with some interesting elements that won't take away the Thrash emblem out of their reach.

"Slow Death" displays a fine variety of Thrash Metal outputs with anger, brutality yet with moments of yielding touches that assisted on elevating the rate of interest. For a first release I think that "Slow Death" is a good turnout and more or less I think that the future is set for these guys to bring the next Thrash Metal bomb threat. These are quality players that even though their album didn't came out to be the super stuff, they would have something good to offer in their next endeavor.


3 Star Rating

1. The End
2. No Rules No Kisses
3. Fight My Cock And Your Palate
4. Like a Rat
5. Creating Addicts
6. World's Cancer
7. Ensure My Safety
8. She Begs For Mercy
9. Push the Button
10. The Desire of Darkness
11. The Stark Reality
12. You Lose Your Life
13. No Solution
Amando Milla– Vocals
Pablo Tello– Guitars
Rafa Las Heras– Guitars
Victor Tello– Bass
Pablo Vergara- Drums
Record Label: Art Gates Records


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