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Exorcism - World In Sin Award winner

World In Sin
by V.Srikar at 22 May 2015, 9:37 PM

Just when I think that Heavy Metal is getting too complicated with multiple sub-genres and hundreds of newer bands aren’t really able to bring back the old school, rock n roll vibe into their music, some album comes and puts a smile on my face. UDO did it with his 2013 “Steelhammer” album and now Csaba Zvekan does it with his new International band EXORCISM bringing out a new 5 track EP “World In Sin” this June 1st.

With just 5 songs on offer here, “World In Sin” gives multiple eargasms to the old school connoisseur in me and brings back memories associated with bands like DIO, ACCEPT and UDO; just pure traditional Heavy Metal riffs with screaming vocals. The songs are all full of screaming signature style vocals by Csaba singing dark and horror evocating lyrics besides the exquisite juicy Rhythm guitar work by himself. That pretty much is what the sound is all about. The bass, and the drums just complete the circle of music to form the songs are they are clearly dominated by the vocals and the guitars, both screaming to get the attention of the listener. Every song has old school vibes oozing out of it which is largely helped by the polished production found here as the listener is treated to almost the purest sound of Heavy Metal that has been put out in recent times. It’s hard to pick a favorite song here, as each song has enough meat and offers something new to the listener, blasting juicy one anthem after another. The only song that slightly deviates from others in terms of style is “Black Star” which has some atmospheric vibes in it but soon turns into a monstrous heavy song. It’s all In-your-face Heavy Metal.

What’s more interesting about EXORCISM is that it is mostly a solo band of Csaka Zvekan assisted by few other musicians from other bands in most tracks. It’s important to note the fact that Csaka is already a part of many other projects like METAL MACHINE (with whom he made a full length record very similar to this last year) and RAVEN LORD has brought in another solo project all with similar musical inclinations of traditional Heavy Metal with his clean screaming Power Metal style vocals. The only logical reason I can find in this madness of similar multiple projects is that each project is bringing new style of Heavy Metal to the table, especially lyrically, enabling Csaba to do what he wants individually with each project.

But all said and done, in all honesty, “World In Sin” is 5 songs full of nostalgia filled, earth shaking, loud In-Your-Face Heavy Metal, very much 2015 style, and worth every second of the 23 minutes it takes of you.

4 Star Rating

Csaka Zvekan - Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Joe Stump - Lead Guitar
Andy Drake - Rhythm Guitars
Chris Logan - Bass
Mirkko DeMaio - Drums
1. World In Sin
2. Black Day In Paradise
3. Virtual Freedom
4. Sahara
5. Black Star
Record Label: Dream Records


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