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Exorcizphobia – Digitotality Award winner

by Caio Botrel at 21 January 2021, 12:01 AM

EXORCIZPHOBIA is a Thrash Metal band from Czech Republic and Bay Area, Canadian and American Thrash Metal and Hardcore are they influences, so if you like it, check their newest album “Digitotality” that we are just about to talk about.

The opening track from the album is “Desires Of The Flesh’ and it starts with an ambient sound that soon turns into a Thrash Metal riff that will rip everything off you. It tastes like the 1980’s Bay Area Thrash and it does have the energy to make you feel like going insane. The vocals are pretty nice and fit the instrumental nicely.

Corporate Dance” starts with a very nice guitar riff and drumming, that are soon joined by a cool guitar solo that will change the ambiance of the song a little bit. “Digitotality” is the title-track of the album and it starts out with an ambient sound and what seems to be a person’s breathing. The Thrash attack here is fast, aggressive and will totally break you down. There is no time to rest, as it is pure energy.

Profit At All Cost” starts with a different kind of guitar riff that is kind of a breakdown, and then, it turns into something with constancy. I liked how they used backing vocals on the chorus, it helped creating a different ambiance to the song and it made it catchy. “Correct Opinions” starts out with a cool guitar solo that is supported by Thrash riffs and cool bass and drum kitchen. That is definitely a song for the lovers of shredding, because there are tons of it in here.

Ancient Deception” flirts a little bit with some Black Metal chords at some points and it is a different song if compared to the previous ones. I liked how they managed to write something different and still sound like their own. The end of the song is pretty nice with the solo section. “Oumuamua” is an instrumental song, but don’t fool yourself as it mix Thrash Metal with other genres of Metal, maybe even some Progressive Metal at some points. Very nice song and clearly influenced by Metallica.

Perception Is The Key” is the last song from the album and it starts out with a nice guitar riff session and simple bass and drums that do their part nicely. This song is long with 8 minutes length and you will have a lot of thrashness to go through.

EXORCIZPHOBIA have written and release a great Thrash Metal album that is totally loyal to what the genre produced back in the 1980’s. I liked how they manage to mix it like if it was recorded in the Bay Area and also they are good songwriters and musicians. You will like it.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Desires Of The Flesh
2. Corporate Dance
3. Digitotality
4. Profit At All Cost
5. Correct Opinions
6. Ancient Deception
7. Oumuamua (Instrumental)
8. Perception Is The Key
Tomas Skorepa – vocals and guitars
Ondra Sima – guitars
Ales Kostka – bass
Tomas Kejkrt – drums
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 03 February 2023

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