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Exoristoi - Wrath Of Zeus (CD)

Wrath Of Zeus
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 08 September 2006, 6:00 PM

Zeus is angry and I bet I know the reason. I think Exoristoi have challenged his rage. You can't play with a god, especially the god of thunder! Dangerous things! Anyway, I was the one to get this CD for review but I hope that Zeus won't get pissed off with me, too. I swear I'm on his side!
Exoristoi are one of the old, cult, Greek Heavy Metal bands. The idea belongs to Demetrios Katis, the founder of this band. Exoristoi is a Greek word and stands for exiled. The line up is brand new and the only former member is Katis, the mastermind of the band. I tried to find info about the new members but I couldn't find anything (previous bands etc.). This is their fifth full-length album, an album that is their try for a new start.
First of all, I want to say that Exoristoi used to write their songs in Greek and this is their first album with English lyrics. So, I was waiting for a decent album since they've changed a lot of things in their music. I am completely disappointed. Believe me that their 80's and 90's albums had a much better production. The production is very raw, and I don't say raw in a good way. The drums sound awful and the guitars too empty. The sound is too much empty in general. The voice sounds fake (and I don't like Cook's voice at all). Stuart Cook pointlessly tries to prove that his voice can reach extremely high-pitched  vocals, no need to say that he didn't convince me about his abilities at all. Wrath Of Zeus is a mixture of old school Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. Their music isn't compatible with the 21st century Metal spirit at all. It's not that I don't like retro stuff, but not like that.
Exoristoi also play two new versions of their older songs. Doksa Kai Timh which is now Seven Maenads and Exoristoi which is Book Of Sorrows. The CD also contains two video clips, which I don't even want to comment. It surely is my humble opinion, but I find them funny enough!
So, you will already have understood that it's not the album I would encourage you to buy. Judge for yourselves. That's all I had to say…

2 Star Rating

Tomb Of Doom
Wrath Of Zeus
Seven Maenads
It Hurts Me
Sons Of Heracles
Exoristoi & The Book Of Sorrows
Stuart Cook - Vocals
Demetrios Katis - Guitar
Vasos Vasiliou - Keyboards
Harris Geroulakis - Bass
Masa Mizunuma - Drums
Record Label: Sonic Age Records


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