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Exotheria – Angels Are Calling

Angels Are Calling
by Sebastien “Bass” Parent at 15 September 2015, 4:30 PM

Hello Metal Pilgrims, today I’m reviewing the first full-length album from EXOTHERIA, entitled “Angels Are Calling”. This band has been around for a long time now; they formed in 1996 but apart from demos, they didn’t release any full-length album until this year. This album is very powerful; taking its roots in the Power Metal style of the 90s, it really brings a beautiful sound to our speakers.

The members of the band are clearly great musicians and I’d say it’s a shame we didn’t get to hear more of them before today. This will definitely be a great stepping stone for them and hopefully there are many more full-length albums to come. The work done on the recording was also perfect; the overall sound on the album is professional and powerful.

This album was created over different eras and we can hear it on the album. The “The Throne of the Beast” single was released in 1998 along with “Angels are Calling” and “Lost in Space” in 1999. So the sound of the album goes from 90s Speed/Power Metal to today’s more melodic Power Metal.

Actually, this brings one thing I want to point out; I feel like the voice of Nicola is a bit forced sometime, but that was the norm for 90s for Power Metal. Personally, I love it, but it could irritate some people that are not fans of retro Power Metal.

As a huge fan of bans like STRATOVARIUS and BLIND GUARDIAN, I can tell you this album is bringing me back 15 years in the past. It’s like I’ve stepped into a time machine when I listened to “The Throne of the Beast”. The melody of this song is insane and it has an epic feel to it that is reminiscent of the 90s. It’s not surprising when you realise it was written in the 90s. But it’s also recorded using today’s technology. So the sound is just perfect. This is definitely my favourite song of the album. Although, I don’t want to remove any glory from the other songs on the album, since they are indeed glorious.

Clearly, this album has been well written and thought over these 3 decades. You have sounds and styles of all the recent eras of Power Metal into one massive piece of work here. EXOTERIA's “Angels Are Calling” is an amazing album, that needs to be known. If you like Power/Progressive Metal, do yourself a favour and listen to these guys. This album earns my highest rating on the Temple so far.

4 Star Rating

1. Preludium
2. Memory
3. The Day has Come
4. Lost in Space
5. Time
6. Exotheria
7. Forever One
8. Angels are Calling
9. The Throne of the Beast
10. In a Reverie 
Nicola Ciarlini – Lead Voice
Emanuele Checcoli – Lead Guitar
Matteo Petroncini – Keyboards
Matteo Mantovani – Bass
Luca Marchini – Drums & Percussions
Record Label: Underground Symphony


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