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Explorer - Shout in the Fog

Explorer - Shout in the Fog
by MarcusTheRocker at 26 September 2014, 6:51 PM

Speed Metal is a genre I’ve always believed was closely related to Thrash Metal as both sound similar but not completely identical. Why? Well for starters both are fast paced genres with fierce shredding, pounding drum beats and heavy vocals. That’s not to say they are 100% identical though as both have their own little things here and there which make them different. Speed Metal for example has a clearer sound then Thrash. I guess my overall conclusion on the two genres is that they are both cousins who are similar but different.

Enough comparing genres now and onto this review which is “Shout in the Fog” by Italian Speed Metal band EXPLORER. On the face of it this should be a promising album as it’s from a European band but then as perfect as it sounds, Europe does have it’s bands who are okay but not as good as other bands who are slightly better. Is that the case here or not? Only one way to find out.

EXPLORER formed in 2004 and they first started out as a cover band like most new bands do so they can pull in an audience and get interest. In 2010, they released their debut EP “First Aid” with their debut album “Sober Deserve To Die” being released two years later in 2012. After their debut album was released, they went on to tour with bands such as SABOTAGE, EXUMER and HELSTAR to name a few.

This year, their sophomore album “Shout in the Fog” is released on Iron Shield Records which shall be the focus of this review. Upon first listens, it sounds very much like a Speed Metal album with some bits that sound like Thrash has been incorporated into the music but as I said at the start of this review, Speed and Thrash are in my view similar but not completely identical.

That being said, Thrash is not something I’ve always been a big fan of due to reasons I’ve stated many times before. I’ve only reviewed a couple of Speed Metal albums so far and those have always had the edge as the music sounds a bit clearer so you can make out the music instead of having your ears lost in a wall of noise. The music may not be completely clear in some places on this album but you can just about make it out for the most part.

You know, with each song that plays on this album, you get the impression that it should actually be classed as Thrash Metal album rather then a Speed Metal album. Why? Well for one thing it has the same savagery that a Thrash album has as most of the music is so fast, it’s beyond insane. Although I don’t mind that from time to time, I do actually like to be able to actually hear the music and in some places on this record, I’m just not hearing it.

I will give it points though for the savagery and the heaviness of it as well as the fast and furious guitar solos but there are a few things that put me off it. I’ll start with the vocals I guess and although you can occasionally make out the lyrics here and there, I think it could have been done a bit better as most of the time it seems to be lost in the music.

The next thing that sounds a bit iffy to me is the production which is not completely horrendous by any means but you get the impression it could have been tweaked to sound a bit more clearer.

So what is my overall verdict on this? I’m afraid this is one of those okay but not brilliant albums that Europe has to offer because there are bands out there which do it a bit better as they can make better music. “Shout in the Fog” by EXPLORER is good for what it is but it could have been better as it surely had potentia,l but the full extent of that potential has not been reached. I’m not going to say it’s the worst European album I’ve ever heard as in some places it’s enjoyable but overall, I was impressed with what it was but it just left me wondering how much better it could have been given a few tweaks.

3 Star Rating

1. Tell Me (What You Want)
2. Just Escape
3. Into the Pub (With No Exit)
4. Fading Away
5. Maggots of Evil
6. Hidden in the Dark
7. Evil Massacre
8. Run Away From the Cross
Jack - Guitar
Billy - Bass & Vocals
Niki - Drums
Record Label: Iron Shield Records


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