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Expulsion - Certain Corpses Never Decay

Certain Corpses Never Decay
by Calen Nesten at 09 July 2014, 9:11 AM

“Certain Corpses Never Decay” isn’t a new album from Swedish metal veterans EXPULSION; the release is actually a compilation of the bands’ earliest work. Compiled from early demos, “Certain Corpses Never Decay” is great for anyone interested in the history of early Swedish Death Metal.

The album feels very unpolished and chaotic due to the seemingly haphazard way the tracks were pulled from early demos and EPs when the band was experimenting with their sound. This method of selection results in some strange and awkward tracks. For example, the track “Soul Upheaval” sounds like it was written and produced by a high-school garage band (which, I suppose on par for an 80’s demo track), at 1:24 you can clearly hear the vocalist swallowing his spit. The title track, “Certain Corpses Never Decay” is also a mess. The track sounds like a live recording, but is no way advertised as such, the bass and drums are reduced to garbled sludge and the vocals sound too distant, I literally got a headache from that track, and not the good kind I usually get when listening to metal, it doesn’t even sound like they tried to re-master it at all.

Odd selection and recording issues aside, the album does boast some killer tracks like  “Old Time Entombed” and “Cerebral Cessation (part1)” (I have no clue how parts 1, 2, and 3 line up, I tried my best to make a connection) which are great examples of early 80’s death metal.

A confusing album highlighting the short lived career of one of the pioneers of Swedish death metal, Expulsion is worth checking out in spite of the horribly mashed together compilation.


3 Star Rating

  1. Extreme Hypothermia
  2. Whisper from the Abyss
  3. Old Time Entombed
  4. The Prophecy of Doom
  5. Cerebral Cessation (Part I)
  6. Innominandum (Part II)
  7. Darkside
  8. Bastard Son Of God
  9. Veiled in the Mists of Mystery
  10. Undersea (Part III)
  11. Soul Upheaval
  12. Lain Hidden
  13. Certain Corpses Never Decay
Various Artists
Record Label: Vic Records


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