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Exterminated - The Genesis of Genocide

The Genesis of Genocide
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 10 April 2021, 7:36 AM

Death Metal isn’t a genre that accepts everything that’s done in it. It’s because everything must bear a level of quality that is minimal, that keeps the music good for the greater number of fans that will listen to the band’s works. Sometimes things aren’t going in the right way, sometimes are, and sometimes things needs to be adjusted to become better. In the last case is EXTERMINATED, from Philippines, and that is coming and destroying ears with “The Genesis of Genocide”.

Their musical work is a form of Brutal Death Metal, aggressive and nasty, and generating a massive energy. But things aren’t so simple. Their musical efforts bears a good technical insight, has its value, but the band is lost in the middle of the musical clichés that such genre has, and that were used to exhaustion on the past 20 years. The band has talent, indeed, but must lapidate it as soon as it can. The main problem of the album resides on the production. The things are done in the right way for such brutal genre, but the choice for the instrumental tunes isn’t good, especially for the snare drums. It sounds without weight, and like a disgusting toy (a bit more and it would be a copy of what is heard on “St. Anger”).

“Systematic Holocaust” (very good technical work, with nasty riffs), “Detrimentum” and “Murderous Intent” (both with a good aggressive approach, and with nasty grunts), “Inevitable Annihilation” (fine fast parts, contrasting with Groove slow moments), “Chaotic Dimension of the Insane” (another very good technical work with fine rhythmic contrasts) are the best ones. But the band needs to mature a bit more, to express their music (even using clichés) in a better form.

For now, “The Genesis of Genocide” is a good release for the fans of this specific genre. But if EXTERMINATED has greater ambitions, they need to find a better way to express their music (maybe a producer could help the group in this point, and to find a better set of instrumental tunes).

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. Systematic Holocaust
2. Impulsive Decimation
3. Detrimentum
4. Murderous Intent
5. Grave for the Slaughtered
6. Inevitable Annihilation
7. Chaotic Dimension of the Insane
8. Abyss of the Dead
9. The Art of Mutilation
Ace Estandian - Guitars, Drum programming
Myke Pardo - Vocals
Record Label: Comatose Records


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