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Extinction In Progress – Shades of Pale

Extinction In Progress
Shades of Pale
by Horatiu Ghibu at 05 July 2022, 5:50 AM

An excellent debut from Finnish extreme metallers  EXTINCTION IN PROGRESS. We've been used to the work ethic of many bands coming from the land of a thousand lakes, so it will be no surprise to ascertain a brilliant production and interpretation for a fist material. What actually raises the stakes for all newcomers is the fact that this album was self recorded and produced. Big up! They describe themselves as an alternative death metal band, but this is such an understatement. One will discover on "Shades of Pale" so many different styles. A mélange of metal, with heavy metal core and black metal influences.

The openers of this album, "Cold" part 1 and 2, set the pace and vibe for the entire recording. ALEXI LAIHO is smiling from wherever he is, CHILDREN OF BODOM did a good job at educating the kids in his home country in the art of extreme metal. Do all Finnish bands have to remind us it's cold over there? The touch of melancholy added in the songs, adds a dreamy effect to the production. Straight in your face, "The Wedding", hits you like a sledgehammer. You'll barely get time to breathe on this one when the guitars switch off the distortion pedals for some seconds. "The Loudest Silence" brings us some jazzy vibes provided by a saxophone. Quite pleasant and unexpected move. "Ashes" and "Limbo" are just some fillers to make up for the lack of anymore songs that would have reduced this material to an EP. "Devouring Of Human Flesh" gets us back into the groove with probably the most memorable song ending on the entire "Shade of Pale". The 10 minute long "Motherland" intended to be an epic closer for this album is a bit of a flop. The alternation of different tempos and song parts aren't that well glued together and so the story ends.

Hopefully EXTINCTION IN PROGRESS will not be the actual prophecy for this band. It's all up to them if they want to sail to different shores or get lost out there in a puddle of metal core bands with no meaning. With the help of an important record label, they could surely get some limelight. Better marketing would be necessary. You can only think they are not determined enough or just lazy for having just 500 followers on FB after 9 years of existence. Give it a spin and, if you are into extreme metal, it will spin you!

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 5
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Cold, Part 1: The Queen
2. Cold, Part 2: Mårran
3. The Wedding
4. The Loudest Silence
5. Ashes
6. Limbo
7. Feasting Upon A False God
8. Devouring Of Human Flesh
9. Motherland
Juho Ahlgren – Vocals
Samuli Kaakinen – Guitar
Joni Kinnari – Guitar
Atte Kuvaja – Bass
Antti Nurmikoski – Drum
Record Label: Inverse Records


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