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Extinction – The Apocalypse Mark Award winner

The Apocalypse Mark
by Keith Morash at 24 December 2019, 11:28 PM

Death Metallers rejoice! Thrashy death dealers from Torino, Italy- EXTINCTION are pushing their product on the world, promising waves of adrenaline and head banging euphoria to anyone who listens. And they deliver!

First track on the album is “subcutaneous Parasite" And is simply an audio file from what sounds like a news segment and talks about microchip implants in the public, showing the bands politically charged agenda. Once you hear it you will then be able to make more sense out of the album art, depicts several people holding their hands up in the air, glowing from between the thumb and index finger. Which happens to be where they implant the microchips.

Next track on the album for me is the title track – “The Apocalypse Mark". Thrash inspired instruments laid over sinister growls coupled with melodic leads and a ripping solo. A fine collaboration of both sub- genres which is most pleasing to the ear.  Moving on to track 3, “Mad Jack" takes the torch and runs with it. Belting out a melodic and tight tremolo picked riff intro which transports you to the main riff, a sinister and descending onslaught of drums and guitars that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Novice Metal heads beware, Track 4 – “No Crimes in Paradise" instantly inspires a forward- then backwards- repeat motion of the cranial cavity, so keep the Advil close. Such a strong intro! Track 5, “El Diablo Del Norte". This is the first time throughout the album that I really noticed the Italian accent hidden amongst the thrashing riffs, artillery – like drums and blood curdling growls.

Now let’s skip a few and go straight to my favorite track of the album. “Hidden Dictature". Opening with a mellow riff the inspires a gentle nod before the chaos begins. A powerful thrash anthem laced with relentless Drumming and a demonic Vocal style. For me, “Hidden Dictature" best displays their musical prowess, whether it be the very slight change in Vocal style that gives the song a completely different feel, the non- stop battery of Drums or the chord progression found throughout the track, it really gives you a feel for the bands capabilities as musicians. That being said, I can use all the metaphors and analogies in the world, but the best way to find out what EXTINCTION is all about is to go ahead and listen. Whether your die hard death metal or thrasher till death, there’s something here for everyone so dig in! I wish EXTINCTION all the best and can't wait to hear more from them.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Subcutaneous Parasite
2. The Apocalypse Mark
3. Mad Jack
4. No Crimes In Paradise
5. El Diablo Del Norte
6. Staged Terror Attacks
7. Become A Robot
8. Hell Behind A Screen
9. Hidden Dictature
Filippo “Howling SStar” Collaro – Vocals
Danilo Bonuso – Guitar
Marco “Hellfire" Campanati – Guitar
Lorenzo Catolla – Bass
Alberto Scrivano – Drums
Record Label: Revalve Records


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