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Exxplorer - Symphonies Of Steel (Reissue) Award winner

Symphonies Of Steel (Reissue)
by Paulomaniaco at 11 March 2015, 12:29 PM

EXXPLORER is one of those bands who needs no introduction, these USA Power Metallers have been around since 1982 fighting and raising their banner very high and conquering new lands throughout the globe, with an amazing collection of classics under their belts like "Symphonies Of Steel" in 1985, "A Recipe For Power" in 1994, "Coldblackugly" in 1996 and "Vengeance Rides An Angry Horse" in 2011. Now they re-release their first epic classic called  "Symphonies Of Steel" only to keep the torch burning stronger than ever, this time around  "Symphonies Of Steel" will come on a vinyl format and only 300 copies will be printed so if you are a fan of this amazing band be quick or die trying!

First up we have "City Streets"; Lennie's vocals are just magic and the guitars of La Volpe so technical with a unique sounding, very melodic and powerful song, these guys really kick asses and everything works perfectly. "Prelusion" has an excellent intro played with the piano, gives a touch of magic and the sublime prevails and then you "Run For Tomorrow" with deep and melodic vocals, very Power Metal indeed, this song is fucking good, nice tempo and cool chorus, instrumentally is perfect and great solos as well. Of course, the titular track, "Exxplorer", has cool riffs and is totally Metal!! I mean this album topped for many years the European charts and it was in every Metal magazine around the world and rated as one of the best Metal bands of all time.

"World War III" is an amazingly good ballad; excellent musicians, killer solos, great bass lines and cool lyrics, fans of CHARIOT, JUDAS PRIEST, QUEENSRYCHE will be in delight with this re-issue and be quick because only 300 copies are available and if you miss it you are "Going To Hell" ;another classic just like "I See You In Hell" by GRIM REAPPER.

On Side B we have more Power classics, "Objection Overruled" excellent bass work, very catching, fans of  DIO will go crazy, this is total ass kicker and  very good song with tones of work and variation divided in two parts, "Guilty As Charged" and "Phantasmagoria". "Metal Detectors" and "X - Termination" send the final swing of the axe and all heads will hit the ground. The production is excellent, Pure Steel Records have lived up to their name and reputation, even the artwork is great; a masterpiece!!!

5 Star Rating

1. City Streets
2. Prelusion
3. Run For Tomorrow
4. Exxplorer
5. World War III
6. Going To Hell
7. Objection Overruled:
    a. Guilty as Charged
    b. Phantasmagoria
8. Metal Detectors
9. Termination
Lennie "Big Daddy" Rizzo - Vocals
Kevin "Koncrete" Kennedy - Guitar
Ed La Volpe - Guitars
Mike Moyer - Drums
Jimmy "G" Gardner - Bass
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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