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Eyefear - The Inception Of Darkness

The Inception Of Darkness
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 11 February 2013, 3:31 PM

I have known the Australian Progressive / Power Metal band EYEFEAR since their sophomore album effort, "9 Elements Of Inner Vision", but I have never really got into their insightful material so intensely as I did with their new, and fifth, album "The Inception Of Darkness", released just recently via Limb Music in Europe. Similarly to their previous releases, EYEFEAR once again showed their admiration for darkness, suspension, mystery, unresolved enigmas, and ancient myths. Musically, the band proved that even though they have been tagged as "Progressive" along with their panache modern Power Metal perspective, they seemed quite fluent and not so complex as some might probably thought formerly. In a way the sound like early SYMPHONY X along with 90s FATES WARNING, QUEENSRYCHE but with the early darkened nature of EVERGREY, thus creating both semi-technical settings along with a fortification of dramatic features led by an awesome vocalic frontline that shared so much emotive depth. In general, "The Inception Of Darkness" played out to be quite effervescent but still it is certainly not the band's greatest effort as of late.

Even after reading the info regarding "The Inception Of Darkness", it was hard to distinguish whether this creation has a backing story or a unified conception, but it didn't matter as the tracks individually supplied the goods. However, I wouldn't say that same about the production. I have no idea who produced the album, and it really doesn't matter anyway. The fact is that the guitars, though compelling, sounded too gloomy and way in the back leaving the rhythm section forward slightly under the helm of the vocals. At least the lead guitar licks seemed to be upfront to enjoy them. In overall, probably the most lacking production the band ever had since their debut release. Thankfully their material seemed like a better offering than their mixing efforts. Frankly, I didn't feel anything whatsoever towards the growling performances of BE'LAKOR's George Kosma. It felt rather strange though the music seemed to be adjusted just for that. On the other hand, "Redemption", "Shadowdance", "Eyes Of Madness" and "Perfect Images" are well done songs, running towards being great anthems. I enjoyed the intense riffing of Con Papazoglou, even with a few repetitions, solos were promising but nothing something that I could really recognize as the best peak performance I have ever heard from these guys, nice touch of keyboards by Seb Schneider and diverse rhythm section of Evan Harris & Zain Kimmie. However, standing out as the band's prime possession are the vocals of ex-PEGAZUS frontman, Danny Cecati, which has been a part of EYEFEAR since 2000. Soaring poignant vocals with glimpse of Warrel Dane, Ronnie James Dio and Jorn Lande powerfully displayed in a scintillating passion. Cecati, almost single handedly saved this release from being rated less.

No doubt about it that "The Inception Of Darkness" is an accessible release. Other than the disappointing "The Inception Of Darkness" story of two halves ("Transcending" & "Reborn"), EYEFEAR made it out nicely, showing creativity along astounding front vocal line. However, even the greater songs on the album didn't remind the band's earlier efforts, yet I do appreciate the band's willing to go darker, searching for new ways to entice their fans and new listeners. It will be better next time for sure.       

3 Star Rating

1. Redemption
2. Shadowdance
3. Eyes of Madness
4. The Inception of Darkness Part 1 – Transcending
5. The Inception of Darkness Part 2 – Reborn
6. Immortals
7. Perfect Images
8. Legions
9. Redemption (Radio Edit)
10. Eyes Of Madness (Orchestral Version)
11. Reborn (Orchestral Version)
Danny Cecati - Vocals
Con Papazoglou – Lead Guitar
Zain Kimmie - Drums
Evan Harris - Bass
Seb Schneider - Keyboards
Record Label: Limb Music


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