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Eyes – Perfect Vision 20/20

Perfect Vision 20/20
by Will Travers at 18 August 2021, 12:52 AM

Swedish Hard Rockers EYES has seen members of Classic Rock outfit ACES HIGH take their music and evolved it some further more. They have released their debut studio album “Perfect Vision 20/20”, a ten track album with punchy riffs and sweet melodies for the Hard Rock connoisseur. The artwork for the album is interesting… An American level crossing sign (where the railway crosses a road), I’m not entirely sure if there is something almost subliminal for this. I mean, one would hope you would have seen the sign before getting obliterated by a train? If you don’t have 20/20 vision then you may have missed it…

Opening the album is “Playing To Win” and straight away, the riffs and keys allow for a real feel good and happy go lucky atmosphere. There was some more mention of the railway industry in the lyrics… Maybe there is a theme here? But whilst musically it was all there, the structure was sound, the standard of musicianship what I would expect… It just struck me as a bit boring to be honest, there was no real hook, nor any stand out moment. “Turn Of Your Life” continues along a similar vain, with a slightly less enjoyable vocal melody. “This Is Us” follows the standard Power Ballad blueprint. Foggy instrumentals, a layered vocal line and an impassioned lyrical style, a solid track.

“Never Back Down” picks up the pace a bit, it seems to be somewhat of a motivational track. But not quite to the same adrenaline inducing and blood pumping effect as say “Eye Of The Tiger”. In fact, I would see this as more of a driving anthem than I would something for my gym playlist.  Jumping forward to the final track “Cry Another Day” the bouncy and energetic riff calls to me as a listener to just tap my foot and bob my head. The guitars switching between the meat and bones of the music, and the little subtleties, licks and small runs to articulate the music that little bit further.

Overall, it is a solid album and I cannot dispute that. But it seems to be just that. It is fairly non-descript, nothing really to write home about. It is a Hard Rock record that would slot into anyone’s personal library quite nicely and really wouldn’t look out of place. But I am not sure how many times one would remove it for use. Maybe it is one for bolstering a library, and the occasional blast through a set of speakers.
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 4
Memorability: 4
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Playing To Win
2. Turn Of Your Life
3. Get Out Of My Head
4. This Is Us
5. Falling I Between (The Joker)
6. Never Back Down
7. Shot Down In Flames
8. More Than Meets The Eye
9. In The Matrix
10. Cry Another Day
Peter Andersson – Vocals
Joakim Sandberg – Guitar
Ake David Rickard – Keyboard
Anders Sellborn – Bass
Björn Lindbäck – Drums
Record Label: GMR Music


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Edited 27 September 2022

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