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The Exploding Eyes Orchestra- II Award winner

The Exploding Eyes Orchestra
by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 26 September 2018, 8:40 AM

Finland rockers THE EXPLODING EYES ORCHESTRA are back with another release already recorded back in 2015 at the same time of their earlier release that year. THE EXPLODING EYES are consisting of five of seven members of the JESS AND THE ANCIENTS ONES outfit. You may think it may sound the same, but it has his own presence and personality. Let’s say it is not leftovers too. We have quite good classic rock influenced Post Punk, Psychedelic, and moving music. At first, I listened to this album without knowing Jess was singing, and I didn’t know of this project. But when I heard her singing, I immediately knew it was her. She has a unique voice and way to sing that we’re not all used too. I really like J.A.T.A.O so its interesting to hear more from Composer Thomas Corpse who too is responsible of about 80% of the writing in both projects.

We have seven songs, for about forty-five minutes of great stuff. In this project, we can hear synths, electronic samples, and it makes the songs almost dance-ready. I mean this is Rock mainly but the songs are very entertaining and 80’s influenced at some point, while keeping in the general Rock direction. "Those of Us Left" s a good opener with nice bass lines, good drums  and excellent vocals from Jess. We already are set to a great adventurous journey through post-punk realms. After that, with "Belladonna," we have organs and drums battling to entertaining us. This song is very visual. I can see landscapes and nature as I ride a motorcycle in my way to freedom. This track is very good and the guitar solo is uplifting a lot. This is one of my favorite track. There is great songwriting and the riffing is strong backing up Jesse’s work. It makes me want to buy a motorcycle! The organ adds pretty much to the song I really dig this one.

"Harmain"is like a Spanish sad song. I’m not that good at foreign languages but the song expresses really well emotions and let us flow with the winds and tears of sadness. It's a nice change of mood after the last track that was a lot more energetic. The next track is really chaotic and crazy, great Psych Rock meets THE CRAMPS. There is great organ to put a gloomy atmosphere and the bass is prominent. We can also hear classical piano. This song is quite a party, sounds like the ADAMS FAMILY having festivities! Brass instruments are also used freely thorough the song and it gives a more punky approach…kinda ska. "The Birch and the Sparrow" is slowly putting us in a trance. Jesse’s voice is transporting, soothing, NS accompanied with piano and light cello parts. The guitar is more discreet here. Very good song to slow it down and relax.

"Go go Johnny do"is a simple but good song led by cool bass lines and organs. A great solo is added that kicks some asses and let the song reach a great peak on the Rock meter. For the first time we can hear backing vocals with another female singer that I couldn't find the name anywhere. "Love Eternal" is an effective closer. We have great cellos that we could hear thorough the album and piano. But now they are acting as a duo to let the emotions flow freely.  Choirs are used and brass too,and Jesse reminds me of 4ad artists and this is a huge compliment from me. Doing it smoothly and making us reach the end of the circle and let me say, I had a great time !

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Those of Us Feft
2. Belladonna
3- Harmain
4. The Thinks You do
5. The Birch and the Sparrow
6. Go go Johnny do
7. Love Eternal
Record Label: Svart Records


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Edited 02 December 2022

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