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Evilheart – Quinquaginta (Reissue)

Quinquaginta (Reissue)
by Dory Khawand at 22 January 2016, 6:50 PM

Extreme metal comes in many audio forms, and each country has its own unique touch on the expansive genre. However, I’ve never gotten the chance to listen to bands hailing from Sinaloa before my introduction to the band EVILHEART. Their reissue of their last 2014 LP “Quinquaginta” was sent to me to review, and frankly, it’s an alright record. I wasn’t expecting much immediately after glancing through the names of the tracks on the record, but the sound was nonetheless quite interesting. I shall get to that right now.

EVILHEART is an independent band that released their LP “Quinquaginta” purely on their own. Musically, this record is considered a death metal album leaning on a thrashy approach. The mediocrity however makes this fusion quite boring and very uninteresting, especially with the recent single “Selective Extermination”. The album is overridden with solos, and vocals that sound that they have been edited over and over through audio software. Not to bash the band however, everything does sound coherent and well written. Nonetheless, the sound is highly repetitive and does not flow well from track to track. This becomes very clear when reaching the middle of the album and having asked yourself whether your musical endeavor should stop or continue towards the end. The album is well produced and I can tell EVILHEART worked hard on making this, but in the overall scheme of things, this doesn’t do well in standing with the better bands in this fusion of metal. Also, the only way I’d expect to see EVILHEART’s name anywhere in real life would be through the band’s hard work at promoting their independently released album.

I compared the reissue with the 2014 version and noticed slight audio changes, but nothing too noticeable and worth bragging about. Weirdly enough, my favorite track on the record is the cover of Cenotaph entitled “Severence” that somehow stood out from the rest in terms of general structure.

Overall, this release is okay and works well in reaching out to fans of death/thrash metal and those of other genres such as deathcore and metalcore. This is average overall and deserves a 5/10. I’m not very impressed and I’ve heard much better from bands that have been in the scene far less than EVILHEART.

2 Star Rating

1. Perfection Collapsed
2. Misanthropic Decree
3. Selective Extermination
4. Rebellion
5. Decimated Opposition
6. Supremacy and Holocaust
7. Postmortal Corruption
10. Genetics of Betrayal
11. Quinquaginta
12. Severance (Cenotaph cover)
Rodolfo Rogers – Drums
Adrian Urias – Guitars
Jorge Millan – Vocals, bass
Adam “Greasy” Benito – Vocals
Record Label: Test Your Metal Records


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