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Féleth – Depravity Award winner

by Joseph Hausmann at 28 June 2020, 4:07 PM

Norwegian Death Metal group FÉLETH brings a bombardment of heavy hitting, storming brutality with their latest album "Depravity," blending Deathcore vocals and Death Metal instrumentals FÉLETH brings a raw but refined savagery to the metal community. Blast beats and bludgeoning riffs run rampant throughout the length of the album with the turmoil of a vicious storm. Having formed in 2015 this band is on a rocket ship to the top echelons of the Death metal community.

Upon first listening to "Depravity" the first track "Ember" automatically assaults the senses with savage vocal work that changes between high, mid, and low ranges really setting a high bar for the rest of the album. FÉLETH comes out swinging with this track with heavy instrumentals, punctuated by a constant blast beating force of the drums. "Hollow Words" brings us bludgeoning riffs that have a melodic guitar melody blended with the heavy tones. The vocals come out with an eruption force that feels overwhelming but well blended with the instrumental work. The guitar work is very well done as they mix various elements and techniques to give the track a wide variety of layers that strengthens the arrangement. There is a small breakdown section that really emphasizes the weight of the riffs towards the end of the track.

"Ravenous" brings the tempo down just a bit to bring out a groove laden track with punching guitar riffs. This added weight gives the listener a foundation before a controlled chaos of vicious vocals and insane riffs take over. FÉLETH digs deep into their bag of technical skills to provide a strong and well-done track full of interesting points. The running guitar riffs blended with ridiculously heavy breakpoints shows us how versatile this band is. Not to mention those insane riffs change many different directions making the track unpredictable and enjoyable to listen to multiple times. "Dissolution" takes us deep into their Deathcore roots with vocals that are at a very low register. The modern techniques run rampant throughout this track giving it some refreshing qualities. Then out of nowhere, it dives into an odd almost salsa-like sound. This is remarkable, since blended with Metal elements this would not normally work. They not only found a way to make it sound great but also fitting with the heavy instrumental work. "Swan Song" finishes off the record with a futuristic but beautiful guitar run before breaking down into the heavier aspects that FÉLETH is quickly becoming known for. This track is interesting and enjoyable the whole way.

FÉLETH has created something truly remarkable with "Depravity." The amount of layers and elements that the band uses is insane. Then take that and add some bold and progressive elements and you have a winning album. Those bold moves will get this band far as it shows that they are not afraid to go out on a limb to try new things and create some unique sounds that are rare to see in the Deathcore/Death Metal community. This ingenuity, I feel, is needed in this genre of metal and it is refreshing to see a band shake things up. I’m really excited about this album and the future work of FÉLETH. So go check them out!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Production: 9
Memorability: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Ember
2. Hollow Words
3. Ravenous
4. Arise
5. Dissolution
6. Pestilence
7. Pale Tongue
8. Swan Song
Dangelbær – Vocal
Thomasino – Guitar
Alex – Guitar
Alsen – Drums
Brage – Bass
Record Label: DeadPop Records


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