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Féleth - Divine Blight Award winner

Divine Blight
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 13 January 2023, 2:09 PM

Sometimes, due a national set of features, there’s what can be called as ‘Countries Metal DNA’, because when you hear a band’s work, there are some points that allows the most experienced fans to detect the country from the where band comes, especially when the country has a tradition on a specific Metal genre. As an example: if one is a fan of Norwegian Black Metal, it’s not difficult to say if a band comes from Norway or not. But it’s great to listen to an act as FÉLETH, a quintet hailing from Norwegian lands, storming with an album as “Divine Blight”.

Hold your horses, because they do not play Black Metal, but are a Death Metal act in the same trend of acts as BLOOD RED THRONE and ZYKLON: the purest Norwegian Death Metal, being brutal and aggressive, but with a tempered refinement on the instrumental arrangements, and some traces of modernity (what means that they’re not in an Old School trench). And there’s an excellent dynamics between the rhythms and the guitars, allowing very good performances of the vocals (a deep harmonic sense permeates the songs, and some melodic aesthetics filling some guitar parts). Of course one can say ‘I heard a similar work somewhere’, but this doesn’t mean that the band does not deliver a very good form of aggressive music, with a massive wall of energy and many extreme hooks that’ll nail the fans for sure, and the most important of all: with a defined personality pulsing on the album’s songs.

The quintet produced the album, having Christian Donaldson mixed and mastered the songs (having as assistant sound engineer Jonathan Mazzeo). So it means that the sound quality of “Divine Blight” is explosive, aggressive and modern, with things defined. And it boosted the natural aggressiveness of their music, expressed with very good instrumental tunes (another Norwegian Death Metal classical feature).

Musically, as the second album of the quintet, “Divine Blight” is mature and presents the band in a very good and creative prime on its career. And to have a taste of what their musical strength, pay attention carefully to “Majesty” (where their instrumental technique is amazing, with very good grunts and screams contrasting in a great way), “Caretaker” and “Riven” (both are excellent moments, showing some amazing slow paced tempos, and being permeated by some Northern Death/Black Metal sheath on the guitar riffs and arrangements), “The Serpent” (a song in a more simple trend, but the rhythms are solid as a rock, with a very good show of bass guitar and drums), “Casanova” (it’s impressive how they can bind together a very good technical level with a massive and aggressive energetic appeal), “Deadlands” (what a massive set of extreme Metal hooks and melodic sense this one shows, with excellent guitars and vocals), and “USA” (what lovely and unusual elements can be heard in the Death Metal musical cauldron of the quintet on this song) will do the job to convince you to become a fan of the band.

After listening to “Divine Blight”, for sure FÉLETH will earn a lot of fans (this writer is one of them), so give it a chance, and you’ll not regret the experience.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Majesty
2. Caretaker
3. Riven
4. En Elskovsdans
5. The Serpent
6. Casanova
7. Deadlands
8. Absence
9. USA
10. Avarice
Espen Dagenborg - Vocals
Thomas Nyvoll - Guitars
Alexander Stamnes - Guitars
Brage Ingebrigtsen Westgaard - Bass
Aleksander Alsen - Drums
Record Label: Rob Mules Records


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