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F.O.B. – …and Foes have Become our Masters

…and Foes have Become our Masters
by Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell at 05 October 2015, 6:02 AM

F.O.B. is a Death Metal/Metalcore band based out of the Czech Republic. Formed in 1995, the band has released five previous full-length albums. This is their sixth release, and contains ten tracks.

Though the vocals and drumming are super intense, I appreciate the musicality of the main riff in “The Adult Toys” and it is immediately evident that this is a seasoned band. There is even some clean singing that augments the overall sound quite well. Stylistically I believe the genre description of DeathCore/MetalCore is fitting. “Where the Spirits of the Dead Wander in the Living World” has a dark brutality to it mostly from the main riff and anguished vocal screams, sounding like a culmination of lightless energy swirling together into a shadowy beast that has come to claim your soul. “Infinite Cloud” follows a different path, embracing moments of melodious bliss amidst the powerful wickedness. The guitar parts and clean vocals in the chorus sound like they come from a NWOBHM band and they lay down a nice connecting bridge that really adds some texture to the piece. More surprises around every corner here.

“The Hallway to Nowhere” has fragile sense of beauty to go along with the more savage elements of the song. Akin to a power ballad of sorts, this track really draws you in with the emotion they put into the song. By contrast, “Debts of Imperfection” goes straight for your jugular with a relentless energy and attack. However, they still manage to work in some moments of nice harmonies. “My Failures Your Pleasures” has a desolate sound of despair, augmented by the lamenting vocal parts. The moodiness is notable and perhaps bested only by the authoritative main riff on the low end of the chord spectrum. “Point of View” brings even more variegate to the table, with alternating passages of sweet, pensive instrumentation, and an all-out assault on your senses. I get more of a sense of Metalcore with this song though it is barely over the fence into that territory. “The Grand Collapse” closes the album, with a furious main riff and some overall impressive guitar pyrotechnics that change the landscape of sound so fast you can barely keep up with them.

I really like the diversity of sounds presented here, in a sub-genre where this style can easily become stagnant. They manage to work in a lot of different approaches while maintaining a core sound of Death Metal that is rock solid.

4 Star Rating

1. The Adult Toys
2. Where the Spirits of the Dead Wander in the Living World
3. Infinite Cloud
4. The Hallway to Nowhere
5. Debts of Imperfection
6. Sons of Oblivion
7. My Failures Your Pleasures
8. Point of View
9. In the Name of Good We Spread Evil
10. The Grand Collapse
Fillip – Drums
Honza – Guitars
Profesor – Guitars
Mara – Vocals
Corbow – Bass
Record Label: Metalgate Records


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