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Fúria Louca - On The Croup Of The Sinners (Part II) Award winner

Furia Louca
On The Croup Of The Sinners (Part II)
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 12 November 2015, 1:34 AM

When dealing with Brazilian Metal, you must have in your mind two important aspects: one is that the country have a very long tradition in Metal (especially on the extreme styles), and the other is our regional differences. Here, all the states have their own features, an Metal becomes different. And coming from the city of São Luís, on Maranhão, comes another fine Hard Glam/Sleaze Rock band, the quintet FÚRIA LOUCA (which in English means "Mad Fury"), that arrives with their new album, the excellent "On The Croup Of The Sinners (Part II)".

As "Big Daddy" here wrote above, they are a Hard Glam band in the same style from Californian ones as MOTLEY CRUE, RATT, POISON, DANGER DANGER, and many others from those days on the 80s, but doing their music with a strong personality and good amount of weight (a influence that comes from traditional Heavy Metal). And their music is full of excellent and hooking refrains, very good backing vocals, and even some touches from AOR and Rock and Roll can be heard. If you hear one song, you'll get yourself caught and will be singing with them soon.

The production was done by the band itself, and the result is a well balanced sound quality. The duality clearness versus weight that can torment a band's life (and make some producers tear their hair out) here is in an almost balance, with a dry sounding flowing from the speakers. And the art is a fine piece done by Ronílson Freire (that made the cover for "On The Croup Of The Sinners (Part I)" as well), again with Ella (the band's mascot) trying to put some good mood in our heads.

The entire album is excellent, having 10 hooking songs, having their finest moments on "The Criminal Novel" (that opens the album with a very hooking and savage tempo presenting a fine work on vocals and perfect backing vocals on the refrain), "Rock Fever" (a bit more heavier, but having very charming melodies once more and another excellent refrain), the addicting "On The Croup The Sinner" (another fine work from guitars, exposing the aggressive side of their nasty Hard/Glam music), the energetic and with an evident Rock and Roll side "Cohatrac City" (with lyrics on Brazilian Portuguese, with very good and simple work done by bass and drums),  the nasty and a bit slow "Smiling Cat" (bass and drums once more are doing great in this song that reminds a bit what SKID ROW used to do in their earlier works), and the accessible "Back To The Outerspace".

And really: I don't need to say or write anything more, because their songs speak fro the band.

And beware with Ella

4 Star Rating

1. The Criminal Novel
2. Love You at Pieces
3. Rock Fever
4. Heart Mind And Soul
5. On The Croup The Sinner
6. Cohatral City
7. Wild Horse Sittin Bull
8. Junkie To The Noise
9. Smiling Cat
10. Back To The Outerspace
Henrique Sugmyama - Vocals
Hugão Away - Guitars
Allex Kyel - Guitars
Tiago Guinevere - Bass
Ronaldo "The Truck" Lisboa - Drums
Record Label: Voice Music Records


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Edited 03 December 2022

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