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F.T.W. Boogie Machine - Rockers Of Destruction Award winner

F.T.W. Boogie Machine
Rockers Of Destruction
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 24 February 2014, 2:01 AM

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW, Ol’ Big Daddy here is really astonished and addicted on this band.

The Finnish trio F.T.W. BOOGIE MACHINE is a destructive weapon of addicting and vicious Rock N’ Roll in your face, spiting great doses of energy with their new album, “Rockers Of Destruction”.

It’s a high dose adrenaline music, near something between AC/DC, MOTORHEAD and LYNYRD SKYNYRD, and hard down way to joy and fun, with great amounts of energy and weight. Great vocals, catching and strong riffs and solos from the lead guitars, and good rhythmic basis done by the rhythm section. It’s thrilling and exciting music, no doubt about it.

The sound production is in a very good level, sounding clean and oiled, to give a modern groove felling to the songs, but all instruments are clear to our ears. And beware: you can become addicted too. And will be.

All album is excellent, with high levels of energetic and spiteful Rock N’ Roll, but the best tracks are “Liberty Boys” (great vocals and backing vocals), “Rock And Roll Blood” (with a not so fast pace, again the chorus is excellent, with some great bear vocals), the MOTORHEADian “Hellion Breed” (what great guitar riffs!), their version for Eddie Cochran’s “Twenty Flight Rock” (with female vocals done by the Tanya Kemppainen, former member from LULLACRY, and actually from SOULGRIND and PAPILJONTIT), “Big Fat Ass Bitch”, “Do You Want It All” (another one with high doses of addicting riffs), the insanity made music “Give Them Hell”, and the calm and charming “The Road” (You’ll find some different instruments here, and another excellent participation from Tanya).

Something with former members from GLOOMY GRIM, SOULGRIND, BARATHRUM, WALHALLA, THY SERPENT must be just excellent.

Addiction is for free to all, and remember to buy your copies. Illegal downloads are for sissies.

5 Star Rating

1. Liberty Boys
2. Rock And Roll Blood
3. Hellion Breed
4. Chopper Men And Boogie Machines
5. Twenty Flight Rock
6. Hot Wheels And Cold Steel
7. Big Fat Ass Bitch
8. Snakebite Woman
9. Do You Want It All
10. Rat Faced Fools With No Rules
11. Give Them Hell
12. The Road
Mr Heikkinen – Guitars, vocals
Tökä – Bass
The Beast – Drums
Record Label: Violent Journey Records


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